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Local Company Heroes in Tunbridge Wells

Our local Company Heroes in Tunbridge Wells consist of more than just those working at Ability, other good  Company’s are invaluable to us  and so the day begins with bright sunshine, we like a fresh and bright morning. Over the past few weeks we have had some challenging situations with IT-as we know it. Computers that are an integral and fundamental basis of the smooth running of our Company in today’s world. In fact the smooth running of the office really does rely on a major contributing factor of electronic devices overall. So its great stuff to have a reliable and professional Local Company to work on them and promptly repair them when they go wrong, whether it be hardware or software we at Ability are pleased to say we can rely on a LOCAL COMPUTER SHOP that has provided us with fantastic support.

Today has a Boiler installation in Maidstone of which our technical Engineer Tom is installing. Max is off to Paddock Wood to carry out a Boiler service, Terry has started in East Grinstead with an Oil Boiler Breakdown, Matthew is in the office dealing with Boiler Quotations and Daniel is on his way to a GAS SAFETY inspection and certification in Otford Sevenoaks.

So we are all busy here at Ability. I’ll leave you with a small snippet on Technical Bulletins regarding GAS SAFETY IN THE HOME from Gas Safe.

Get your appliances checked

When did you last have the gas appliances in your home checked? Gas appliances should be safety checked every year and serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Find out why it’s so important and what checks your engineer will carry out.

Are you having a new gas appliance fitted?

There’s a lot to consider when getting a new gas appliance. Read our advice on how to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and your appliance is fitted safely.

Buying a new home?

There are so many things to think about when buying a new property that gas safety may not be top of the list. Make sure you know what to look out for and how to ensure your new home is safe.

I have a danger sticker on my appliance?

If an engineer has identified a gas related danger in your home, they’ll attach a Danger Do Not Use warning label to the dangerous gas fitting and provide you with a warning notice. Find out the meanings of these warning notices and what action you should take if you get one.

Improving your home?

If you’re thinking about home improvement you may be tempted to save money and do it yourself. However, if you work on gas appliances without being qualified, you could be putting yours and others’ lives at risk.

Risks of unsafe gas appliances

Unsafe gas appliances can put your life in danger. Make sure you’re aware of the potentially dangerous consequences and the warning signs to look out for.

Gas safety tips

A one stop shop of top tips to keep you and your family safe in your home all year round.

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Gas Fire Gas Safety with Local Company Heroes


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