Boiler Broken Down? Plumbing issue? Electrical Fault?

This morning we had three calls within the first hour all with different problems. The first lady that called, a regular customer had an oil boiler broken down in Sevenoaks. The second call shortly after was from a gentleman in Tonbridge with plumbing issues, and then a School in Tunbridge Wells called us with an electrical fault.

We sent our senior engineer Tom to the boiler broken down. Then our plumber Daniel attended the plumbing issue and finally Brett, our electrician participated in the School visit. All three qualified and experienced tradesmen were able to get the customers fixed, repaired and working again.

plumbing issue-boiler broken down- electrical fault
Gas boiler in Cupboard

The oil boiler broken down in Sevenoaks required a micro-switch and our engineer had one on his van. With the plumbing issue in Tonbridge, our plumber located the stopcock and replaced the tap. At the School in Tunbridge Wells our Electrician found a faulty socket and replaced the face plate.

Local and Friendly Team

Our ten-strong team of plumbers, electricians, gas engineers and boiler technicians can tackle your home issues whatever the weather. Whenever you need us, so do not hesitate to call. If you have a boiler broken down or a plumbing issue or an electrical fault, we are the people to call.

plumbing issue-boiler broken - electrical fault
Electrician replacing light fitting

At Ability, we pride ourselves on a first-rate service. We have an aftercare policy that means we can get someone to you within 24 hours of your call most of the time. Covering a large part of the South East, and based in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, East Grinstead, Heathfield and Crowborough, someone is always local to you.

So if you want us to look at your electrical fault, you have a plumbing issue that needs attention or you might have a boiler broken down, the number to call is 0800 889 015, do not hesitate to call and do it today!

Electric Heater or Gas Heating?

There are a number of different types of electric heaters that you can purchase, including halogen heaters, fan heaters, oil-filled heaters and convector heaters. Ability provide all options.

looking to heat a room
Keeping people warm

Ability use Fan heaters, and they are a popular choice but may be noisy and are often not as powerful as other types of heater. The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) said a fan heater would be the preferable radiator when looking to heat a room for a short amount of time.

However, it said convector heaters will heat a room more thoroughly and these will be the best option if you are looking to heat a room for a couple of hours or more. Here at Ability we can supply these heaters while waiting for the boiler parts.

Oil-filled heaters are one of the more reliable of the varieties. Even though they tend to take slightly longer to heat up than other models, they will stay warmer for longer – even after they have been turned off. Again, here at Ability, we can supply oil heaters on a temporary basis and free of charge.

Looking to heat a room
Warm and Dry

Halogen heaters are another option, likely to be most well known for keeping punters warm in pub gardens, but they work quickly and are relatively cheap to run.

The different forms of portable heater also come with different heat outputs, for example, the most common outputs are 1.2 kilowatt (kW), 2 kW and 3kW. The higher the kilowatt, the more powerful the radiator is but it will also be more expensive. Equaliy can provide a good heat.

Information from the CSE shows the cost of running a 1.2kW halogen heater, on average, is 17p on a standard meter, which is generally cheaper compared to other models. 

However, this has less heat output than a 2kW fan heater that costs 28p per hour – a massive 11p more to run per hour. 

Whilst convector heaters may be a more expensive radiator to run, they will keep the room warmer for longer – and are a better option in the long term than a fan radiator. 

However, to accurately determine whether an electric radiator would save you more money than central heating, a number of factors would need to analysed.

This includes how many windows the room you are looking to heat has, what size they are, how well your house is insulated and the style of house i.e. is it old, new, leaky or modern.

There are also two different types of central heating – gas and electric – which come with pros and cons.  If youd like to know more please do not heasitiate to call us heare at Ability and one of the team will happily assist.

Another Cold Spell With More Snow To Come? Call The Team Ability.

The team Ability is sure to see you are prepared for whatever the weather is to come. Most of England and Wales will start the day cloudy, with some hill fog, before brightening up during the day. So there is a positive outlook after the morning rush.

the team ability
Feet up, coffee and fire.

It was on the news this morning, that Met Office meteorologists have commented: “It’s a cloudy, wet and mild start across southern parts first thing, but in South East England, we do have some snow, and the reason for this weather is a cold front draped across the country from north to south”.

“Here is where we have the snow first thing and a risk of ice!” Here at the team Ability, we think there may be another Beast from the East!

The Met Office on its website said: “Any showers in the west dying out this evening. Otherwise dry with clear skies leading to a widespread sharp frost, severe over snow cover.

The Team Ability

“Some freezing fog patches likely too. Minimum temperature -8 °C. Ekk! This could prove a cold morning so give us here at the team Ability a call!

the team ability
Working hard since 1979

The forecasters predict: “Some roads and railways are likely to be affected with longer journey times by road, bus and train services.

“Some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces.” We we hope its not the case.

Here at the team Ability, the team are always at the ready whatever the weather. So do not hesitate to call whatever the time of day or night.

Its all about being there at the end of the phone, seeing that we can get to you when you call and then making sure we can do the job that needs doing and do it right. Thats the team Ability trait.

Your Local and Friendly Team of Plumbing Heating and Electrical Engineers

We have a goal. At team Ability we have pride, and we commit. We have a goal to see that our team, work to the best of their ability. its all about pride in our workmanship and we have a commitment to you the customer.

The aim is to see that your plumbing, heating and electrical works are carried out to your satisfaction. Our team are dedicated to the service we provide 24/7 in your home or workplace. In your school or church and your Commercial unit or leisure facility.

Shower in bathroom

With plumbers and electricians based in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead, we cover the areas of West Kent, East and West Sussex and Surrey.

The team are qualified in oil heating, gas boiler installation, servicing, maintainance and repairs. Electrical installation and certification in your home, as well as all general plumbing, bathrooms and lpg.

Team Ability

The ability team has a strong team of 10 engineers and that support network means we can provide you with same day service around the clock when you might need us. There are three secretary’s in the head office, at the end of the phone to help with your call or enquiry.

Home comfort zone

So when you have a plumbing, heating or electrical fault or problem. If you want your boiler serviced or your bathroom replaced. Maybe you have a noisy radiator or a dripping tap. If you feel the cold due to an old oil boiler not working properly or have a lighting circuit faulty. We are the company to call.

Your call is important to us. Our office numbers are 0800 889015 or 01892514495 or 01732 743723 or 01342 301711 and we answer our calls as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to get an engineer with you fast.

We are a family run business that has been established now for almost 40 years. Our motto is; “Big enough to cope, small enough to care.”

An Excellent Local Recommended Plumber. Can you be Sure?

Our reputation as a company is a number one priority. We value our customer’s opinions and we regularly ask for feedback and reviews. We belive we are a good local recommended plumber.

An Excellent Local Recommended Plumber
Local and Trusted Plumber

It is all essential for us to recognise where we have provided both a good and bad service, so we can change things where necessary and grow in this ever-changing profession and plumbing, heating and electrical industry.

So we ask for all customers to provide us with their feedback on our engineer’s workmanship, cleanliness, manners and presentation. This has proved to be a foundation stone in the growth and success of Ability. This enables us to see we remain an excellent local recommended plumber.

An Excellent Local Recommended Plumber

The team work with pride and we have a family values ethos that sees we care for our customers home and loved ones, as well as getting on together much like one big family. this sees us as an excellent local recommended plumber.

With our new staff integrating well amongst the existing staff, a policy that allows everyone the freedom to work well together and get along and a social incentive so that we all keep in touch outside of work, our moto brings home happiness in the workplace and comfort to the team.

An Excellent Local Recommended Plumber.
Technology in your home

So if you need an excellent local recommended plumber. If you are struggling to find someone to trust and want to invite into your home someone who is respectable, knowledgeable, qualified, experienced in his job and polite. Then its one of the team here at Ability you need.

You can call us any time of the day and night and we will do our best to see we provide you with the service that you deserve and require. The service that here at Ability we pride ourselves on to give the best service an excellent recommended plumber can provide.

Oil or Lpg? Commercial and Domestic Plumbing-Heating-Electrical

LPG-oil-oil heating
Warm and cosy by the fire

Do you have Oil or LPG? We cater for commercial and domestic plumbing, heating and electrical in the local areas of Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Today we look at the options for those without mains natural gas piped to their home or office. If you happen to live in a fairly remote part of the country, your options for heating and hot water maybe somewhat limited.

The use of renewable energy is a great option for society today and we must all look to save energy and meet efficiency guidelines wherever we can. However, no one wants to run out of heating or hot water and there are good local sources of fuel for use if the renewable energy isn’t quite sufficient to rely on totally.

Here at Ability, we have many customers that use both Oil (kerosene) or LPG (Calor gas) to heat their home, office, school or church. So having qualified and experienced Oil and LPG engineers on call for servicing and repairs or installation and maintenance is key for us.

Covering the remote parts of the South East countryside from all around Ashdown Forest near East Grinstead to the beautiful parts of Hever Castle near Penshurst, Tonbidge and Sevenoaks. We can install and service, repair or maintain your oil heating or gas hot water appliances.

LPG-oil-oil heating

Oil heating is popular in those remote villages around us that have larger detached properties with the space and grounds to site or position an oil heating tank.

Electrical immersion heaters and boiler are common in our industry and we have a good qualified electrician to carry out installation, repairs, servicing and maintenance for electrical appliances too.

For some smaller properties LPG bottles are suitable, however Calor do offer a free quotation to install a Calor LPG bulk tank at your property and this can be buried below ground or situated ground level.

So for your LPG or Oil needs, oil heating, gas cooking or electrical hot water, here at Ability we can help you. Installation, Servicing, Repairs or Maintainance, give us a call today.


This new year came in with a bang and an electrical surge for one customer who contacted us on New Year’s Eve with a power failure from an electrical power surge. Out goes our electrician.

We had our team at the ready and our local qualified electricaian was on hand to attend right away within the hour.

So with a one-hour response, Mr Hepton was very impressed and gave us a five-star rating online. Another happy customer in Tunbridge Wells and another job done by our electricain. Satisfied customers are what we maintain.

We have seen a very successful year pass now and look to grow heven more throughout 2019. with new full time staff starting work this first week back in January, here at ability, we say start as you mean to go on.

Our plumbing, heating and electrical team are always at the ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your home, office, school or shop. so do not hesitate to call us. Electrician at the ready!

Electrical Oil Boiler

Today we talk about the faults that can occur with your faulty sockets of lighting. So watch this space for hints and tips. The Electrician toolbox.

With a cold spell ahead we are recommending you get your boiler serviced and checked. We can see you electrical appliances or gas and oil boilers are safe and working.

We have our electrician and plumber, our boiler engineer and heating technician at the ready for your call. so pick up that phone today and call us now. Our electrician works around the clock every day.

With all our team fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of your plumbing heating and electrical system you can rest assured that we can tackle any of your needs. Call 0800 889 015 Today.


As we approach the end of another successful year in the plumbing, heating and electrical industry, we are humbled by the good comments from our customers. We are grateful for all the business we have been given and all the hard work we have managed to get through.

plumbing-heating electrical
Central Heating Home

Its been an interesting year in the plumbing, heating and electrical world with a rollercoaster of a year regards the weather. Remembering the “Beast from the East” to the longh and hot summer, it can be said it was extreme in the year of 201h8.

The Future is Bright

The natural growth of Ability in the plumbing, heating and electrical world has seen us grow in numbers and area coverage. With a full-time electrician on board now and a new apprentice. Just two of the new editions here at Ability.

Electrical Testing

So we can confidently say its been a successful year for all and as we spring into the new year with ambition and confidence, we can be comfortable and relaxed in the plumbing, heating and electrical world-safe in the knowledge that our customers, both existing and new will be kept warm and safe in their homes, schools, office and workplace. With a varied team of engineers, we cover all aspects of plumbing, heating and electrical both domestic and commercial.

If you have a problem with your plumbing, heating or electrical appliance in your home, then please do not hesitate to call our office. We have engineers on standby for your phone call over Christmas and the New Year

We wish you all a fun and festive time. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all here at Ability.

Plumber Installing Taps

Please see some interesting articles found this year on the news this week. If you require any advice or help we are always happy to help in the plumbing, heating or electrical world.

Electrics Fixed After Flood

After a cold water storage tank burst in a domestic home in Sevenoaks, the customer reported water running from the light fitting and the electrics and power had tripped out. We were able to attend almost immediately and make the situation safe. Our electrician Brett was on the scene within the hour and he isolated the electrics. 

Our plumber Daniel wasn’t far behind him. The customer had already isolated the water mains and drined the tank and so we just had to make the repair, refil vent and test the system. Its what we do on a daily basis.

Engineer to the rescue

Your Local Electrics Engineers-Our Friendly Team

Gas Central Heating Installations
 Electrical Engineers

Gas Central heating services and boiler repairs carried out by official installers!

Our highly skilled and proficient gas engineers are qualified to carry out a wide range of heating installations. We can install, hot water cylinders, immersion heaters, radiators, gas fires, boilers and muchmore. We also have a team of professional electricians to carry out any electrical adjustments. To get a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office on 01892 514495, or complete the form to request a callback. We have gas central heating, gas engineers and heating engineers in and around your local area now so call for those cold radiators or leaking hot water cylinders.


Hot Water Cylinders and Radiators

After discussing works with a friendly member of our team, we will arrange a suitable day for one of our qualified oil heating engineers to commence works. All labour and parts come with a full guarantee for complete peace of mind. We strive to complete the jobs as efficiently as possible and leave the property as we found it. So if you need your eletrics looked at or your plumbing please call us today.

Our oil heating engineers serve Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the East Grinstead areas

If you are having problems with your central heating we strive to be on your property as soon as possible, especially during the winter months. We try our utmost to be at your property within the same day, alternatively, we can arrange a convenient time to begin the works. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01892 514495 to arrange a prompt visit.

The statutory requirements for electrical work are different in England and Wales from those in Scotland and Northern Ireland. To find out more on what you should be looking for and to ensure you get a registered electrician for your area, click on the relevant country.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Turns 75 Years Old

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Turns 75 Years Old

Here at Ability this week we are focused on the Thermostatic Radiator Valve and our new electrical Engineers and Electricians.

Back in 1943, the founder of Danfoss controls known as Mads Clausen had invented the worlds first radiator thermostat.thermostatic radiator valve-electrical engineers

In Europe alone, we know today that there are more than 500 million manual and non-regulated valves mounted on radiators. And if these were upgraded, replaced by newer radiator thermostats, incorporating the latest technology, Europe’s annual CO2 emissions could be reduced by anything up to 29 million tons. This we believe will bring a return on investment in just two years, the whole of Europe would save 12 billion Euros and 130 TWh of energy per year, helping the environment immensely.

The radiator thermostat is an integral part of the Danfoss’ DNA and the most known and visible example of their technologies today:

The marketing of the product began in 1952. This is when Danfoss launched the radiator thermostat as an application which saves money and increases comfort in centrally heated homes, and since then we have moved along extremely fast.

Since 1943, Danfoss alone has manufactured around 350 million radiator thermostats, thereby reducing 650,000,000 tons of CO2. This can increase as technology progresses.

The thermostatic radiator valve has become an important part of today’s heating system both in the domestic home and commercial workplace.

Electrical Services Take Off

We have recently launched our electrical division here at Ability with an ever-growing team of engineers. Its a continuous stream of work enabling us to keep even more customers happy.thermostatic radiator valve-electrical engineers

Ability Electrical Engineers

Have you Searched for Electricians in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, East Grinstead or Sevenoaks? Looking for a reliable, friendly and cost-effective Sevenoaks based electrical engineer? Call us Today on 01732743723.

Electricians in Sevenoaks,  Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and East Grinstead.

Here at Ability, we pride ourselves on a fast efficient and friendly service. We answer the phone, there is no voicemail. We provide you with a time slot, you do not wait weeks for our Electrician. We get your job done. Our qualified electricians and experienced electrical engineers will solve your problems, just make that call today.