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Ability Oil Tanks and Oil Boilers

Ability is a family-run, local business with over 35 years of experience. Specializing in the supply and installation of new and replacement oil tank and boilers in kent, East and West Sussex and Surrey and the surrounding areas. Also, we also offer competitive rates for annual oil boiler servicing on both domestic and commercial properties.

Working closely with several fuel distributors, we aim to offer a rapid response and assistance to all calls within 24 hours.

Ability is registered and approved by OFTEC the governing body for oil heating, and our engineers are fully trained and qualified to manage your project from start to completion. We currently have two very experienced and knowledgeable engineers working. We have an engineer booked on his training so we can provide you, the customer with an all-year-round service. This includes repairs to your oil boiler to installation, servicing and maintenance. We always pride ourselves on trying to offer the same day service for the ease and comfort of our customers. So if you’re in Kent Sussex or Surrey or the surrounding areas, please give us a call at Ability.


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The average domestic heating oil tank ranges between 1000 litres and 1360 litres; however, there are larger tanks which have a capacity of 2500 litres.

It is recommended that tanks should be positioned 1.8 metres away from non-fire rated eaves of a building or structures, e.g. sheds, garages, and summer houses.

Under British Standards, a domestic oil tank up to 3500 litres can be installed within a building, but it must be bunded. Bunded means the tank has a secondary containment which must hold 110% of the tank’s capacity and be water-resistant. It must have a one-hour fire-resistant chamber.

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LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)

Butane and Propane services working with Calor, Flo Gas and many more Suppliers

Offering LPG gas solutions for home owners, business owners, agents and landlords

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is used as an alternative to gas when your home or business is not connected to the gas main grid. LPG needs to be stored correctly in an upright position, in a well-ventilated space away from naked flames and any buildings.

Oil Tanks Oil Boilers & LPG Gas Ability Plumbing Electrical Central & Gas Heating

Ability has heating engineers in the Kent, East and West Sussex area that are fully trained and insured to work with LPG. We offer the following:

  • Replacing or installing LPG change over valves (allowing the use of multiple LPG bottles)
  • Installation of LPG combination boilers cookers full gas central heating systems
  • Relocating gas bottles and supplies Retrospective certification
  • Commissioning static home units
  • Running underground gas supplies terminating in a house end kits or gas valves
  • Converting cookers from natural gas to LPG
  • Servicing Propane or Butane appliances
  • Searching and rectify any escape of LPG
  • Performing gas safety checks for landlords and letting agents
  • LPG Domestic Services
  • Commercial system repairs, replacement
  • Servicing Commercial pipework, repairs, replacement,
  • Servicing
  • Gas Legal Compliance Inspections
  • LPG Landlord Property Services
  • Butane and Propane Catering equipment Services
  • LPG Pipework Service