From PCB fault on a boiler to LPG floor standing boiler

PCB Fault on Boiler

The day started with an ignition PCB fault on a boiler, a Baxi Solo 2 PF gas boiler in Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent. This was quite some overheat within the electronics of this particular circuit board as you will see from the photos. The boiler is approximately 25 years old now, however, a good boiler of its day and it’s still going strong.

PCB fault
Baxi Solo PCB fault

The PCB fault had occurred quite suddenly as the customer heard the boiler suddenly stop and then smelt the overheat. We were able to attend quite quickly for the regular customer of ours who has used Ability now for over 10 years. So arriving on the same day as the call came in we quickly discovered that it was a PCB fault that had occurred.

PCB fault
Baxi Solo PCB fault

Fortunately, we keep spares for this particular model of the boiler in stock and so the store is only 20 minutes away we were able to return and collect a new PCB right away leaving the customer completely satisfied that we could get them heating and hot water within a couple of hours.

LPG floor standing boiler in Borough Green

Another call we had this afternoon in Borough Green Sevenoaks Kent was an LPG Ideal Mexico Floor standing boiler that’s at least 30 years old. Again this is a well-built boiler of its day and although it’s a different concept of a boiler to the Baxi Solo, they both have cast iron heat exchangers. This means they are of standard efficiency but it also means the boilers will continue to work for many years.

We are all for energy efficient and modern concept environmentally friendly appliances and home heating methods however if a customer does not wish to change or upgrade a boiler or system, provided it’s safe we will not push them into anything they don’t need and we will continue to work with whats best for them.

So if you would like us to give you an honest and fair opinion on your existing or new boiler please do not hesitate to call us on 0800889015

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