Bank holiday plumber-boilers needed this Summer.

So today brings more warm weather and we had two plumbing and heating engineers on call today. Plumber Max and Plumber Tom.

Plumber Max was working on first fix plumbing hot and cold supply’s and waste in a new kitchen in Bromley Kent and Toms plumbers skills were put to use in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. First a Ball valve and Gas boiler service in Rusthall Tunbridge Wells and then onto a new gas pipe run and some plumbing issues with a toilet flush in the Sevenoaks area. As a local engineer Tom is happy with the day to day call outs and small plumbing, heating or gas repairs or issues that most other plumbers don’t like to do. Max is also a good jobbing plumber however he works well on installations and on site gas, plumbing and heating repairs too. So wherever you are please do not hesitate to call us, we are in all the Kent, Sussex and Surrey areas this week. We have a same day service at the same price, we have a special offer staring for June of which we will be announcing later this week.


We have had a successful day in the world of plumbing and all jobs have been completed. The world of swimming pool boilers in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks or Surrounding areas is nothing new to us and its that time of year when the regulars get the service done just before its used and we get lots of enquiries from new customers, some who have just inherited a pool gas boiler and some who have had new installed. We will be reporting on this subject of new installation ans well as repairs and maintenance in the next few days, so for plumbing, heating and gas boiler tips-watch this space.




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