How to be more water efficient

The rise in energy costs has left many households struggling financially. The cost of living crisis has re-emphasised the importance of saving our resources and using them sparingly. There have been numerous campaigns around water efficiency recently, including May’s Water Saving Week. There are many great reasons for saving water if you want to make a better contribution to the world around you. If we use less water, we can save a great deal of energy. Energy is required to pump water from the underground, reservoirs and rivers, to treat it and to send it to our taps.

How saving water saves energy

We can also save energy by using less hot water. The Energy Saving Trust say the heating of water to use in homes accounts for around 4% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. If we use less energy, we can produce fewer of the carbon dioxide emissions which contribute to greenhouse gases and cause climate change. Saving water is great for the planet and can also help households seeking to cut costs during the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Steps you can take to save water

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective steps that you can take if you do want to reduce your water consumption as well as your energy use right now. Shortening your showers is a great way to become more water efficient. Try to ensure your showers are no more than four minutes long if you can. When you’re washing your dishes, do so in a bowl rather than a running tap. This can cut your water wastage by half. Another thing you can do to cut down your use of water is to replace old appliances with more energy-efficient ones.

Energy-saving technology

Energy-saving technology has improved remarkably over recent years, which means many modern appliances are much more energy-efficient than the ones that came before them. If you use a hose when maintaining your garden, consider swapping this for a watering can. It’s said that hosepipes use approximately 1,000 litres each hour. This is the equivalent of over 12 baths.

How Ability can help with water issues

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