Is your domestic water pressure too high?

If you have just tried running your taps and found out your water pressure seems higher than normal, you may be in a state of panic. Chances are that you have experienced more issues with low water pressure than high pressure over the years. However, high water pressure is a problem that surfaces more often than you might think. Read on to find out more about high water pressure and what you can do about it. 

What are the risks of high water pressure? 

High water pressure can shorten the life of your appliances. It can also cause damage to your plumbing fixtures and cause problems like burst pipes and leaks. Another reason to combat this problem is that it can result in a large amount of water waste, which is very damaging to the environment. 

What are the symptoms of high water pressure? 

You could have an issue with high water pressure if you have started to hear a banging sound from your pipes. Your fixtures may have started to leak, and your hoses may have burst. Leaking taps are a big sign that you have a problem with high water pressure, especially if your cold tap or taps are affected. You may have also seen a stream of spraying water coming from the sides of your taps. Another sign that you have a problem is that a new appliance should as a washing machine has started to fail. This can happen due to excessive water force that the internal parts of your system cannot handle. 

What causes high water pressure? 

High water pressure can occur for various reasons. It can happen in households which are located near to hills and high buildings. This is because suppliers tend to pump a great deal of water to ensure people living on the top floors of buildings are catered for. You may also have a high water pressure problem if you are located close to a fire hydrant that uses several litres of water in mere minutes and therefore needs a stronger stream. 

Maintenance work can also cause issues with high water pressure. Trapped air can build up within pipes when this work is taking place and can deliver a temporary increase in pressure. Running your taps for a couple of minutes may resolve the issue if this is the cause of the problem. 

How can I check that I have high water pressure? 

There are several steps you can take to confirm whether you do have high water pressure or not. These include using a water pressure gauge to carry out checks. If you do have high water pressure, you could use a pressure reduction valve, though it’s best not to do this yourself if you don’t have sufficient experience in this area. You could also get in touch with your water supplier if you think you have an issue with pressure. Your supplier is responsible for ensuring your property is receiving a normal level of water. 

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