Oil and LPG solutions from Ability

Are you looking for an oil tank or LPG in the south east? If so, Ability can help.  At Ability, we have become a leading supplier of oil and LPG in the south east and are noted for our highly competitive prices as well as our outstanding customer service.

What kind of heating oil tanks are available?

There are various different kinds of heating oil tanks available. These include single-skinned, double-skinned and integrally bunded tanks. These tanks can be installed inside your property, but you can also have them installed outside or underground. Tanks are made from materials including plastic and fabricated steel. Integrally bunded and double-skinned tanks tend to give you more protection. An OFTEC-registered installation specialist can help you find the right solution for your specific requirements.

Can Ability replace my oil tank?

Yes, in most cases we will be able to replace your old oil tank. If you already have an oil tank to replace, it’s essential to leave this job to the professionals for safety and compliance reasons. The new installation will need to comply with OFTEC guidelines, oil storage regulations and building regulations. Professional installers can pump out any remaining

from your old tank into a safe holding tank, disconnecting your old tank from your boiler and any other appliances it’s linked to. You may need to have your base reinforced or replaced if it is not currently suitable for your new tank. You will receive an OFTEC CD10 completion report once the installation is done and you are satisfied.

LPG solutions in the south east

We can also help you if you’re interested in LPG installations. LPG is an acronym for ‘Liquified Petroleum Gas’. This is a low-carbon, efficient fuel that’s colourless and comes in propane or butane. LPG is boiled at a low temperature to stop it from evaporating. You can store it in gas bottles or bulk LPHG tanks.

Propane, butane and BioLP

Propane is often used for LPG gas cookers, off-grid LPG central heating, barbecues and caravans. Butane is frequently used to add fuel to indoor portable heaters. You can also use it as a refrigerant fuel. BioLP is a new option which is 40% renewable. It functions just as well as conventional LPG so you don’t need to replace any of your LPG appliances to utilise it. You can contact us at any point to find out more about any of the solutions that we offer.

Contact Ability for heating oil tank installation services

Why wait any longer to get in touch with Ability to find out more about our

and LPG solutions in the south east? We have vast experience when it comes to installing these solutions and can assist you whether you’re a residential or domestic customer. To connect with Ability, give us a call, send an email to info@ability.uk.com or call us on 01892 514495. Rest assured that we’ll respond as soon as we possibly can so you can swiftly get all the help that you need.

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