What should I do if water is leaking from my bathtub?

Are you wondering what the right steps to take are when you find water leaking from your bathtub? Even if you notice a small leak coming from your bathtub, you should never ignore it. Leaks can happen because your bathtub is cracked, because your taps are leaking, because you have problems with your grout and because your bath overflow pipe is leaking.

Fixing your bathtub

In some cases, you may be able to carry out a repair without expert help. However, be very careful as you could make the problem worse. You’ll need to identify the exact source of the leak so you can fix it effectively rather than damaging another part of your bathtub. If you reside in a two-storey home and see water leaking from your ceiling under your bathtub, the bathroom drain will need to be replaced. If you have a leaking bathtub overflow pipe, you may also be able to fix this without outside help.

More about leaks

Leaks can be caused due to cracks, old tap washers and old gaskets in your drains. You can repair your bathtub drain by replacing your old gasket with a new one and by using fresh plumber’s putty. Your overflow pipe can be repairing by replacing your old gasket with a new one. Position it so the thicker one is at the bottom. Both of these tasks can be challenging, so it can be best to leave things to the professionals. If you want to fix a leak in your pipe or underneath your bathtub without carrying out the work yourself, help is available.

What influences the costs of fixing a water leak from a bathtub?

Several factors influence the cost of repairing a water leak from your bathtub. These include your location, the time of year, how urgent the problem is and what the scale of the job is. If you need to get your bathtub fixed during a busier period of the year, you can expect to pay more. The amount of time it takes to complete the job will also be a big influence on price.

Who can help when I have a bathtub leak in the south east?

At Ability, we can help if you have a bathtub leak or are experiencing any other problem with plumbing and water in the south east. We have been a leading player in our field for many years, and we are only happy when you are totally satisfied with the work that we have carried out. Our expert plumbers have many years of experience behind them, and you can rest assured that they are fully qualified to carry out this work.

Get in touch

Contact us as soon as possible if you do have a leaking bathtub in the South East. You can reach us today by completing the form on our website, by calling us on 01892 514495, or by sending a message to info@ability.uk.com. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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