What to do about a slippery shower tray

If you’re having problems with a slippery shower tray, there are various steps you can take to put things right. Your shower tray can be much more dangerous than you might think, and many people have injured themselves when these surfaces have become slippery. Here’s what you can do if you have a slippery shower tray.

Use an anti-slip coating

You can apply an anti-slip coating to your shower floor so it has a permanent grip. These formulas are simpler to use than you might expect and tend to be highly affordable too. You don’t need to take any big steps to maintain them, and you can apply them to any surface, even ones that aren’t as smooth as others.

Install an anti-slip shower tray

Another step that you can take to overcome your issue is to upgrade your shower tray. These trays are designed to give you the grip that you need to avoid experiencing an accident in your shower. If you need a permanent solution to the slippery shower problem, this could be the option for you. What’s more is that there are many different designs to choose from, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one that meets your preferences.

Add a seat to your shower

Another step you can take to prevent slips is to add something you can sit down on whilst showering. These waterproof seats are particularly ideal for those with mobility issues, and there is no complex installation process to worry about.

Add a mat to your shower

You could also consider purchasing an anti-slip shower mat. These mats are generally easy to fit and will instantly provide enough grip to stop you from slipping. Materials that these mats are made from include vinyl, plastic and PVC. They have suction cups on the bottom so they don’t slide, and there are many different shapes and sizes available.

Install a grab bar

If you need something to hold on to so you don’t slip, a grab bar could be a great solution. You could even use a grab bar alongside one of the other solutions we have suggested. There are many different designs on the market, and adding a grab bar to your shower is one of the most popular methods for preventing slips.

Add anti-slip adhesive treads

Adding anti-slip adhesive treads to your shower could be a great move if you don’t want to clean a shower mat on a weekly basis. These treads come in the form of small pieces of tape that stick to your shower floor. They have rough tops that give your feet traction whilst you shower.

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