Plumbing and Heating With a Passion

Plumbing and Heating Engineers With a Passion

At Ability, we are plumbing and heating engineers with a passion. We have realised of late that this is not just a job for us.

Plumbing and heating engineers-hot water-plumbing
Old tractor in the snow

We have more than just a concern for your cold home or poor hot water pressure. This has enabled us to grow with your confidence that the job will be done and it will be done right.

Heating engineers

Over the last few months as things have taken a rapid increase in growth we have managed to acquire 30% more new customers than this time last year. Those stats alone tell us that the passion we have for your plumbing is on the increase by the day.

The local plumbing and heating engineers on our team take much pride in their work, time keeping but especially your home.

Hot Water and Warm Radiators Whatever the Weather.

That time of year has arrived where we understand what you need for a warm home and plenty of hot water. We have invested time in the research and understanding of exactly how your system works.

Plumbing and heating engineers-hot water-plumbing
Bathroom installation

As we continue to come across the situations that cause an issue with either the boiler or central heating system, we are able to make a precise and accurate diagnosis of the fault or issue and get straight down to the repair or replacement part.

So with accuracy and precision, we are able to ascertain and determine your problem with speed. Thus leaving a happy customer and a free engineer to move onto another plumbing or heating repair or installation.

The areas we cover are expanding from West Kent and East Sussex to more of West Sussex and Surrey.

If you have a plumbing repair, heating concern or boiler issue then why not give us a call at Ability. We will always be happy to assist wherever we can. Please call 0800889015.

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