DAB Pumps and cold water boosting

DAB Pumps have been credited with moving the idea of cold water boosting forward with their Esyline concept. Esyline has been frequently complimented for its simplicity, ease of installation, connectivity and quiet operation. It’s widely agreed that Esyline could play a pivotal role in helping us reach a zero-carbon future.

What is Esybox Max?

Esybox Max is a new part of the Esyline movement. It is designed with larger commercial environments in mind and has a pressure capability of up to 11.3 bar as well as a flow rate potential of 4.8 litres per second per pump. Like other Esyline offerings, Esybox Max offers convenient modularity. A four-pump packages booster can be put together on your site within a matter of minutes. This means there is much less concern about access or portability obstacles. Installers can also forget about demounting and rebuilding pump sets before installation takes place.

What are the benefits of Esybox Max?

You can create a range of booster set solutions with three pump performance models and a handful of accessories with Esybox Max. Previously, thirty individual models may have been required to produce these solutions. This ensures customers can access the solutions that they need much more quickly. The installation and assembly system allows you to get up and running in a much shorter time frame than with a traditional booster set. Component parts can also be charged quickly. Esybox Max also has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be monitored remotely thanks to the DConnect monitoring platform. This means real-time data can easily be logged and stored, whilst users can access up-to-date reports whenever they require them.

The Esybox Max is noted for its durable stainless steel constriction. It comes complete with permanent magnet motors and innovative hydraulics to provide 20% more efficiency than conventional alternatives. It also runs much more quietly than fan-cooled pumps.

What exactly is cold water boosting?

If you aren’t quite sure what cold water boosting is, we can help. A cold water booster set is an electro-mechanical device that can deliver water at a constant pressure and flow rate. These solutions are often used in places with a high demand for water such as commercial premises or larger residential buildings. When water demand is high, the standard mains supply may become inadequate. Cold water booster sets can help put things right.

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