The Power flush Plumber and Boiler fix Engineer go Bananas

The Power flush Plumber and Boiler fix Engineer go Bananas

This weekend at Ability the cold weather brought back high demand for our plumber and boiler engineer. The power Flush plumber was out on Saturday in Tonbridge, Kent and our boiler fix engineer had a full day of call outs in Sevenoaks, Kent, Groombridge in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough in East Sussex.

power flush plumber-boiler fix engineer-magnetic filter installation
Boiler Heating and Hot water System

With a hot flush being the prefered method of radiator and heating system cleaning today, our plumber works with hot water and the correct chemicals to see heating systems are cleaned correctly today. All the oil boilers and gas boilers booked in are now working thanks to our boiler fix engineer.

It seems the extremely cold weather we have had this time of year, has seen demands for boiler use increase. This means the gas boiler or oil boiler heating your home is working much harder and therefore more likely to break down. But don’t worry because the team of plumbers, gas engineers, boiler specialists and heating technicians here at Ability are on hand and ready to attend when you call us.

Magnetic Filter installation for radiator performance and efficiency

The growing heating industry sees an increase of the magnetic filter installation by over 60% here at Ability and we are happy to say this is a worthwhile investment. We are seeing an enormous increase in better performance and high efficiency of radiators and heating systems with the introduction of new magnetic filter installation.

power flush plumber-boiler fix engineer-magnetic filter installation-central heating-heating engineer-gas engineer-radiators-hot water cylinders
Modern Domestic Heating Radiator

There was a time when we would remove the radiators from the wall and take them outside to flush through with a hose, however, these days have gone now as the technology has changed. With a good power flush and the introduction of a magnetic filter, we can see your boiler and system runs hassle-free with efficiency.

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