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Worcester Bosch - Where It Began

Initially founded in 1962, Worcester became part of the Worldwide Bosch Group in 1996 and today they are the UK market leader in domestic boilers.
Worcester Bosch’s current product range includes gas and oil boilers, hot water cylinders, renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar water heating systems, as well as controls and accessories.
Worcester maintains a commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing over the last 50 years, has led their boilers to receive coveted Which? The company has been voted Best Buy awards for nine years running, and for Worcester to obtain a Royal Warrant for supplying boilers to Her Majesty The Queen’s Sandringham Estate.
WorcesterBosch has a further site in Clay Cross Derbyshire; this is where their oil boilers are manufactured.
A Top Rated Boiler to Rely upon.
Millions of people across the UK rely on Worcester for their heating and hot water. The Greenstar gas and oil boilers have all received a Which? Best Buy in 2016. Worcester can pride themselves on having a reputation second to none amongst installers, and they are backed up by market-leading customer service and guarantees that provide reassurance.
Trustpilot is a website that publishes online reviews for businesses. Anyone can post a review on Trustpilot, and Worcester Bosch encourages their customers, both trade and consumers, to do so.


Finding the right boiler and the right heating system best suited to your home and heating requirements can save you money on your energy bills.

Contact us, we are local expert Worcester Accredited Partners, so you get up to a 6 or 10-year guarantee dependant on the model of boiler you choose.

Trusted Plumbers

Contacting a trusted plumber or heating engineer to repair leaking or burst pipes, service your boiler or gas fire in your home or office is a necessary exercise, and choosing the right Company needn’t be costly. Make sure that you are hiring the right Company, like Ability, for the job. Hiring a trusted plumber requires plenty of trust; after all, you’re allowing a stranger to enter your home. Ability, a plumbing and heating company based in the heart of Kent, offers a checklist of the most critical factors that all plumbers should comply with. 


It is essential to hire an accredited and registered plumber and heating engineer. Even better if the plumbers are registered with CIPHE or the heating engineer with Gas Safe, these are just two of the many governing bodies which we are registered. Many people claim to be trusted plumbers, but are in fact ‘jacks of all trades’ or ‘handymen’.

Avoid them where possible because they may not possess the quality workmanship, experience and knowledge or skills needed to comply with the plumbing standards issued by CIPE and Gas Safe and may also be uninsured. More often than not, people who use uncertified plumbers are left with more extensive and more costly messes after the so-called ‘plumber’ is gone. We see this time and time again, it gives the industry a bad name and pains us.

When hiring a CIPHE registered plumbing company, or Gas Safe engineer you can feel confident that they possess the skills and expertise to deal with any plumbing or heating problem you may encounter, be it major or minor. Also, only CIPHE registered plumbers and Gas Safe engineers are authorised to sign and release a certificate of compliance, which is needed when selling a house, or as a guarantee of a plumbing and heating job done well.

Work Experience

Work experience is vital in all careers, and it’s equally essential in plumbing and heating. Most trusted plumbers should have at least ten years’ of plumbing experience, with additional knowledge and experience in construction and renovations. Here at Ability, our trusted plumbers and heating engineers have over 15 years’ experience. The Company is established now for 40 years this year; our knowledge of the industry is second to none.

Well-maintained vehicles with visible branding

All our vehicles are clean, well-maintained and branded with our company logo. We believe that the vehicles our trusted plumbers and heating engineers drive are an extension of who we are and reflects the pride we have in our work and business.

A Business Bank Account

A plumbing company needs to have a registered business bank account. Not only is it professional, but it also makes you feel more confident that you’re dealing with a legitimately registered business and not a ‘fly-by-night’ who might disappear with your deposit without starting (or finishing) the job. Instead, spend your hard-earned cash on hiring a CIPHE registered trusted plumber and gas engineer who is a registered business that is tracked. Our bank details are available on our invoice and quotations and upon request when calling us up by telephone.

Neat and clean presentation

Hiring a plumber or heating engineer requires plenty of trust, after all, you’re allowing a stranger to enter your home. It is important to us that we make a good first impression and all our employees always look neat and presentable.

Able To Do Physical Labour

Trusted plumbers and heating engineers must maintain their ideal fitness levels, as they are often required to exert themselves physically. They climb into small and tight spaces, lift themselves over walls, and lift heavy objects and equipment. Plumbers and heating engineers who are unfit could struggle to perform their tasks optimally.


Our trusted plumbers and heating engineers take pride in themselves; our business and work are always punctual. Being punctual is associated with a positive work attitude, which our plumbing and heating engineers pride themselves on; they can be relied upon to get the job done on time agreed. A plumber who is late reflects a disinterest in customer service and in performing to the best of their abilities.


Don’t hire plumbers and heating engineers who are challenging to reach and who doesn’t answer your calls, emails or WhatsApp messages. Plumbers and heating engineers have families of their own and are also tired in the evenings after a long and hard day at work. It’s reassuring to hire a trusted plumber or heating engineer who cares about their work and customers enough to take the time to discuss matters with them and who will also respond in the case of an emergency.

Communication skills

 Our trusted plumbers and heating engineers need to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Including the manner and tone in which they communicate with customers and their colleagues. Hiring a plumber or heating engineer that shouts over the phone, is unapproachable and disrespectful will more than likely result in a poor relationship. Trustworthy plumbers and heating engineers usually are polite, approachable and easily contacted.

Willingness To Correct Problems

 Even qualified and experienced plumbers and heating engineers can make mistakes under pressure. If you notice what appears to be a mistake in your trusted plumber’s or heating engineer’s work and you discuss it with them, they should be willing to fix the error or be willing to take time to explain why it appears to be a mistake, but isn’t one. If there is a problem with the job we always return and we guarantee our work.

Servicing Procedure

What’s best practice for gas boiler servicing? Here, Ability Plumbing Heating and Electrical Engineers outline agreed industry best practice.

The first thing we recommend is to have the manufacturer’s instructions for the boiler to hand, regardless of experience, these are always important.

Man engineer and gas heater. Repair and work scene.
Does Your Boiler Need a Service?

Please do operate the boiler briefly to ensure it appears to work correctly. We recommend you isolate the boiler/heating system electrically and confirm this with suitable test equipment. When servicing the boiler we always check the fuse rating for the boiler/heating system is correct; most digital appliances will run on a 3amp fuse.

We will remove the boiler case and visually inspect the appliance, internally and externally, for any signs of distress, such as corrosion or water leaks, checking all components.

If necessary, Ability will clean the boiler and its components, including the primary heat exchanger, main burner, and the condensate trap, always referring to the manufacturer’s instructions for boiler servicing.

It’s most essential to reinstate the electrical supply safely. Then to carry out a check of the boiler’s gas burner pressure, a gas-rate inspection (taken at the gas meter), or both, where possible, will determine the correct working pressures.

Next, our engineer will visually check the flame picture (where visible) and carry out a flue gas analysis test, this if the boiler is a high-efficiency product or requires this procedure.

It is critical to ensure any combustion analysis test points are correctly replaced, and any boiler case seals are forming an effective seal. Boilers must not run with incorrect seal.

An excellent visual check that any ventilation requirements for the boiler have been met. Sometimes may include taking measurements.

Boiler Servicing

If the appliance is an open flue ability will check the boiler chimney/flue throughout its length, including its point of termination. Carry out flue-flow and spillage tests; this is usually a smoke test.

It’s essential to check that any boiler safety devices operate correctly. Check there is no escape of gas from the boiler or connecting pipework to the boiler.