Sunday pipes down with Glastonbury’s sound

Blocked pipes

Today has been quite something in the pipes of plumbing. While listening to Paul Mc Cartney’s ‘pipes of peace’ on the radio, at the same time trying to reconfigure 22mm copper pipes in an airing cupboard due to a blocked cold feed pipe from a feed and expansion tank.

This job was a challenging one, to say the least, and so it’s quite soothing right now as the Glastonbury festival comes to a close so does the working day at Ability. The common problem of blockages in gravity systems is now becoming less and less due to the growing upgrade of pressurised systems, however, this, in turn, brings a whole new set of problems at times when converting an existing dated heating system over from gravity to pressurised.

flowing water from old pipes

How to deal with a blocked cold feed

Issues with hydrogen in radiators and corrosion debris should be tackled using a chemical cleaning. Before proceeding with a system clean, check that the feed and expansion cistern is clean and free from bacteriological or microbiological contaminations. If necessary, isolate, drain, clean and disinfect it.

You should select the appropriate cleaning chemical for the system and the issue in question – in this instance, Sentinel X400 System Restorer and X800 JetFlo Ultimate Cleaner are recommended – and commence cleaning, using a power flushing device where possible, but only if it is appropriate for the system. Powerflushing is not suitable for systems which contain microbore or non-barrier plastic piping. If the system is new or less than six months old, X300 System Cleaner is the recommended cleaning product and a manual flush is the recommended cleaning method for this product.

We are always on hand at Ability for your Central heating needs so if you require any advice or an engineer for your home please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 889015

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