Boiler Install comes to a close as the Gas fitters hot up

Boiler Install

This week has seen a Boiler Install in TN12 Paddock Wood Tonbridge Kent. The boiler install has also included a new pressurised system including a cylinder, pump, motorised valves, pressure vessels, relief valves and all other controls.
Our Gas Engineer and Plumber Max has carried out most of the installation, and as it draws to a close, all is looking very well.
A well co-ordinated and precision engineered boiler installation by Max.

boiler install,gas,heating,plumber,
Plant room before any work has commenced
boiler install,gas,engineer,plumber,heating,boiler
Plant/boiler room taking good shape

Call us now.

Its a good time of year to have a boiler installed ready for those autumn and winter months ahead. Most of our servicing is also carried out this time of year as we also offer a summer discount to our customers. If you would like a free quotation on your boiler replacement or installation or would like to discuss the options of a central heating system upgrade, then please give us a call on
0800 889015.

How much is a new combination Boiler?

The cost of boiler installation can vary significantly depending on how much work is required, the parts, where you live and who you get to do the job.

You can expect to pay from £1500 for a straightforward replacement of a combi boiler in the same position as the old one up to £2,500 to install a new combi system in a new location, these are approximate figures and only a guide by Ability Plumbing and Heating Contractors.

However, we also warn you may also need to set aside money for a chemical flush (£400) or mechanical flush of your heating system (£710) and also moving pipes (£200-£300) on certain jobs.

These prices don’t include the cost of the boiler discussed above, so as you can see the installation can cost more than the boiler itself.

Combined the figures suggest cost of a new boiler and installation can set you back from £2,440 to £5,250 again these are only guides and to remain competitive we suggest you obtain a quotation for you individual circumstances.

Plumber Local-Summer so cool

Plumber local

Today we look at the plumber local Tom and his diary. It is hot again out there with the weather and temperature set to reach 30 degrees Celsius and the phones been hot again here at Ability.
Our plumber local Tom has his first call near our head office in Southborough. This is a boiler service and should take him up to an hour to do, providing all is working ok.

Areas covered

Then he is off to RH10 which is near our East Grinstead branch and so if Tom requires any information one of our secretaries will be on hand with the customer’s information. That’s most of his morning taken up however Tom is a very efficient engineer and usually covers three calls in a morning.
The next call is a CP12 Landlords gas safety certificate and boiler service in RH7 which is not far from his previous call. This is between Lingfield and Blackham and is all on his way back to Tunbridge Wells. Great route as after this Tom has a call in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells again of which is also a CP12 gas safety certificate and gas boiler service.

plumber local, gas,engineer, heating
Basin single lever mixer taps in chrome

This is common for us as we offer a discount to our customers when having both a gas inspection and certificate combined with a gas boiler service.
Finally, Tom has a call in TN13 Sevenoaks which is a boiler repair and this is a regular customer of our and a Potterton Suprima that we have looked after for some years now. So our plumber local Tom has a good route and a nice busy day.

We have another plumber local and several engineers on call so, please do not hesitate to call us on 01892514495. We cover all aspects of plumbing and heating, gas and electrical works for your home, office or shop. With over 35 years experience in the South East of England, our team is on hand in your area.

Landlords Certificate and Gas Safety inspection

Today we talk about the importance of Gas Safety inspections for Landlords and carrying out gas inspections on rental properties.At Ability plumbers and Gas Engineers we can carry out a full gas safety inspection and issue you with a certificate for your rental property in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and East Grinstead or Surrounding areas within a 30 miles radius of our head office in Southborough.

Please see information below provided by the GAS SAFE Website

Your responsibilities



If you let a property equipped with gas appliances, you have three main responsibilities:

  1. Maintenance: pipework, appliances and chimney/flues need to be maintained safely. Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance with the frequency given in the manufacturer’s instructions. If these are not available, you should ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to service them annually.
  2. Gas safety checks: An annual gas safety check should be carried out on each gas appliance/flue. This will ensure gas appliances and fittings are safe to use. There is a legal requirement on you to have all gas appliances safety checked by a registered engineer annually and you also need to maintain gas pipework and flues in a safe condition. This is UK law.
  3. Record: A record of the annual gas safety check should be provided to your existing tenants within 28 days of completion, or to new tenants upon the start of their tenancy. If the rental period is less than 28 days at a time you may display a copy of the record in a prominent position within the dwelling. You’ll need to keep copies of the record for at least 2 years.


CP12,Gas,safety,certificate,inspection,landlord,safety,record,Gas Safety
CP12 Gas Safety Certificate
  • Residential premises provided for rent by local authorities, housing associations, private sector landlords, co-operatives, hostels.
  • Rooms, let in bed-sit accommodation, private households, bed and breakfast accommodation and hotels.
  • Rented holiday accommodation such as chalets, cottages, flats, caravans and narrow boats on inland waterways.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 outline the duties of landlords to ensure gas appliances, fittings and chimneys/flues provided for tenants are safe.

Saturday Gas and Oil Boilers with Repairs while the Sun Shines

Saturday Gas and Oil Boilers with Repairs while the Sun Shines

A long day of gas and oil boilers, both installation and repairs today, this Saturday has been punishing and rewarding at the same time. We at Ability have carried out all the gas and oil boiler repairs that were booked in. Therefore we have the satisfaction that all the customers will have working boilers and hot water tanks, toilets flushing, overflows no longer dripping and radiators flowing to all the plumbing needs booked in. Click here to the gas safe site.

Gas and Oil Boilers

Tom has been especially busy, plumbing in Sevenoaks this morning and fitting gas pipework in East Grinstead this afternoon. Terry has completed several boiler servicing calls today in Sevenoaks and as always any small repair work is carried out at the same time.

Central Heating Repairs

Elaine has managed the phones today and we have booked in several quotations for this coming week, things have really started to get busy the last few days in the plumbing and heating world.

The topic today is on soldering and here is a brief description of how it works.

Soldering is defined as “the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys which have relatively low melting points”. In other words, you use a metal that has a low melting point to adhere the surfaces to be soldered together. Consider that soldering is more like gluing with molten metal, unlike welding where the base metals are actually melted and combined. Soldering is also a must-have skill for all sorts of electrical and electronics work. It is also a skill that must be taught correctly and developed with practice.

This tutorial will cover the most common types of soldering required for electronics work. This includes soldering components to printed circuit boards and soldering a spliced wire joint.

Soldering Repairs and Equipment

The Soldering Iron/Gun
The first thing you will need is a soldering iron, which is the heat source used to melt solder. Irons of the 15W to the 30W range is good for most electronics and or printed circuit board work. Anything higher in wattage and you risk damaging either the component or the board. If you intend to solder heavy components and thick wire, then you will want to invest in an iron of higher wattage or one of the large soldering guns. The main difference between an iron and a gun is that an iron is pencil shaped and designed with a pinpoint heat source for precise work, while a gun is in a familiar gun shape with a large high wattage tip heated by flowing electrical current directly through it.
Repairs to Gas and Oil Boilers in Tunbridge wells-Sevenoaks-Tonbridge
We get the foundations of the work in place for the engineers

Thursdays warm weather means Swimming pool boilers are top of our repair list

As the weather warms up our Gas engineer Tom is busy with repairs to boilers and plumbing repairs today. He is working in the Sevenoaks area first this morning on an outside tap and then he’s off to East Grinstead to look at two boilers and a toilet that’s not flushing.

Max is continuing on a boiler installation in Reigate today and we are happy that all works that’s scheduled is on time and all going to plan. We have Terry on Servicing of Oil boilers. This is all booked around the Tunbridge Wells area so if you need anything looked at we have engineers working in and around all the local areas we cover that are near to you.

Daniel has gas cookers to repair and install in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. With plenty of plumbing stock we can be on hand today for all your heating requirements and that brings us to the swimming pool boilers. We looked at two swimming pool boilers this week in Tunbridge Wells and both are now working efficiently and safely and are in use for today and this weekend.

We cover all aspects of repairs, cleaning, maintenance and installation of every type of swimming pool boiler. We have regular customers that we have visited this week, booked for today today and booked in for next week. With the weather like this we can appreciate that you might want to have a new outside tap fitted for the watering of your garden or an existing one serviced or rewashered. We are looking forward to five new installation quotes that have been accepted and two bathroom installations.

Finally we are on hand today or tomorrow to discuss any plumbing needs in any of our local areas so if you require any help at all than please give our office a call.


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