Weather Change Sees Plumbers Step up a Gear

Weather Change See Plumbers Step up a Gear

This week saw a drop in temperature, and the weather change sees our local Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, East Grinstead and Edenbridge plumbers step up a gear.

trusted plumbers in tunbridge wells-plumbers step up a gearThe long summer may be drawing to a close but the heat is on for our local and friendly plumbers. Working hard for our customers here in West Kent, East Sussex and Surrey, our plumbers step up a gear.

The holiday period seems to be over and as families and business alike start to prepare for the changing of the seasons. The plumbers here at Ability start to knuckle down to some seriously hard work ensuring that your boilers, heating, plumbing and electrical appliances are serviced and maintained.

That’s why we are on hand 24/7 for your needs. When the colder days set in, we want to be ready to help. Make your call today, to us here at Ability and we will do our best to see that your needs are met as our plumbers step up a gear.

Trusted Plumbers in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge

A customer that called on Thursday last week, via a recommendation from a church that Ability work for, provided a five-star review.trusted plumbers in tunbridge wells-plumbers step up a gear

As trusted plumbers in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, we were able to come to the rescue of this elderly gentleman within 30 minutes and isolate his leaking stopcock. Trusted plumbers in Tunbridge Wells.

He was s impressed with our engineers work that he rewarded our plumber with some of his favourite homemade sponge cake. So another satisfied customer and a big pat on the back for one of the team here at Ability.

So if you are looking for a reliable and trusted plumber in Tunbridge Wells, then look no further. For all your plumbing, heating or gas needs one of our qualified and experienced staff will be happy to help you today. Ability-The Trusted Plumbers in Tunbridge Wells.



Local Plumbers Recommended-How To Find a Local Plumber

Local Plumbers Recommended-How To Find a Local Plumber

It can be a minefield these days when you’re searching away on google looking for local plumbers recommended or how to find a local plumber.

Now, to make life as easy as possible for local people looking for local recommended plumbers we have tried to be as clear as possible, honest, transparent and upfront.

Local Plumbers Recommended-How To Find a Local Plumber
Your Local Plumber-Our Friendly Team

So how to find a local plumber? Well, that’s something we all see a challenge with the hundreds of national plumbing companies always trying to appear as a local.

Local Plumbers Recommended-How To Find a Local Plumber
Recent Modern Bathroom

Well, we have discovered that the best way to get our work and new custom is by word of mouth. As we like to be local plumbers recommended, you will find photos of us, descriptions of what we are about and what we all do here at Ability, on our website.

How to find a local plumber.

Its anyone’s guess how many plumbers appear in the listings of Google when you search, but how many really are local plumbers recommend by others, like us? |Its the million dollar question to us!

We always say, ask around, read all the information on the website carefully, check out the local phone numbers and make sure there is a local address.

Recent Modern Bathroom
Keeping People Warm-Throughout the South East

We will remain your local plumbers recommend by others as its the small family business that we will keep going to maintain our quality reputation built over almost 40 years now.

Finally, the only sure way to know is by calling us up and talking with one of the family themselves. This we are always happy to do. So you can be safe in the knowledge that what you see really is what you get.

Everything we publish, we do. There is no better way in our opinion than to run a business, giving you the customer a complete understanding of who we are and what we do.

Tonbridge Central Heating Engineer and Sevenoaks Local Plumbers

Tonbridge Central Heating Engineer and Sevenoaks Local Plumbers

Calling our customers today with arrival times and our Tonbridge central heating engineer and Sevenoaks local plumbers are already out on the road.

Its the early bird that gets the worm as they say. So, Tom, our Tonbridge central heating engineers have six calls today and is already at his second customer.

tonbridge central heating engineer-sevenoaks local plumbers
New Fitted kitchen and sink

We have four Sevenoaks plumbers and again two are already on the road covering ‘call outs‘ and the other two are on site carrying out an installation of boilers and plumbing of bathrooms.

Sevenoaks Local Plumbers

Do you need your heating or plumbing looked at? Are you in or around the Sevenoaks area? If so, we are on call today for your very needs!

With the area coverage of 30 miles radius from the centre of Sevenoaks and our Sevenoaks local plumbers on call 24/7, we can be with you in no time at all.

Tonbridge Central Heating Engineer

Tom, our Tonbridge central heating engineer has a busy day starting in Hildenborough, near Tonbridge  Kent. With boilers to repair, radiators that are cold, thermostats to supply and fit he will be kept busy for most of the day

tonbridge central heating engineer-sevenoaks local plumbers
central heating thermostat

So if you need a Sevenoaks local plumber or a Tonbridge heating engineer then look no further than Ability plumbing and heating engineers. One call does it all. With the skill and experience of over 35 years working in the plumbing and heating industry, we can help with your problem. We are also fully qualified too.

With a vast knowledge of the area, is based in the area since the company started we are not just local but friendly and always around. Just pick up the phone and call today for our Tonbridge central heating engineer or our Sevenoaks local plumbers. Your heating problems solved. Your Plumbing issues resolved and our happy customers mean our happy team here at Ability.

Recommended plumber near Tonbridge

Recommended plumber near Tonbridge

This week we discovered from a customer that we were the recommended plumber near Tonbridge.

Recommended Plumber Near Tonbridge

And this came about due to a boiler installation in Hildenborough near Tonbridge in Kent. We installed an Ideal boiler. This Ideal vouge was a masterpiece in our opinion. All works carried out by our recommended plumber near Tonbridge, meant that things went well without any problems.

The Ideal Vogue Max Combi boiler the newest premium boiler manufactured by Ideal Boilers. They have combined the same premium offering as the Vogue Gen2 with the addition of a high-quality Ideal System filter creating one easy to purchase and fit package. There is also an additional 2 years warranty for the Vogue Max Range when it is installed by a “Max” accredited installer.

So our recommended plumber near Tonbridge finished the day with a generous helping of coffee and cake from a chuffed customer who was now filled with confidence in Ability.

Grant Vortex Oil Boiler

The Grant VortexBlue external modules have some of the highest oil-fired boiler efficiencies available today. These models are ideal for situations where a white cased kitchen/utility version is not always the best solution, possible due to limited space within the home.

All modules include a factory fitted multi-directional flue, high-quality external powder coated casing, built in frost protection, mains isolating switch and a test switch. Just as other VortexBlue boilers, this range also incorporates Riello‘s RDB Blu burner technology teamed with our patented Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger. So if your looking for a recommended plumber near Tonbridge-then look no further than ability.

Recommended plumber near Tonbridge

Ideal Boilers, one of our favourite manufacturers which have 500 staff and posted revenue of around £200m in 2014, has been a major employer in Hull for more than a century. Formed back in 1904 and loved by the British public. It is the third largest company in the UK market for domestic wall-mounted boilers, with annual sales of around 300,000 Ideal brand boilers, of which are built to high standard and fine quality.


Modern Bathroom Installation and Commercial Catering Installation

Modern Bathroom Installation and Commercial Catering Installation

At the end of another week, we are pleased with the hard work of a modern bathroom installation. We also have completed a commercial catering installation in a local restaurant near Sevenoaks Kent.Modern Bathroom Installation and Commercial Catering Installation

It has been a challenging time for our bathroom specialists a the finishing is most important. The modern bathroom installation in Tunbridge Wells Kent has consisted of a completely new white china suite. Tiling the entire room from top to bottom and high spec chrome finish brassware. The new commercial catering kitchen, with a large 8 burner range cooker, hotplate and grill with two gas fryers have had a new extract with all the safety features required. Modern Bathroom Installation and Commercial Catering Installation

Modern Bathroom Installation

When designing a wet room or a new modern bathroom installation time is key.

Modern style can be mean different things to different people, but generally speaking, when we refer to modern design, some of the same ideas come together: geometrical shapes, neutral or basic colours, little to no decorative flourishes, and natural materials.

If you’re remodelling a bathroom in a modern home, you’ll be inspired by some of the design ideas we’ve collected here.

Commercial Catering Installation

People eat away from home for different reasons, and these reasons account for the difference between commercial and non-commercial food service. Commercial food service, accounting for roughly 77 per cent of eating-out pounds, mainly consists of fast food and full-service restaurants and this is where the commercial catering installation comes in. The remaining 23 per cent is spent eating in school cafeterias, corporate dining rooms, hospital cafeterias and other such places that make up non-commercial food service.

Modern Bathroom Installation and Commercial Catering Installation

So here at Ability, we cover all aspects of plumbing, heating, gas and water works in your home, office, restaurant, school, church or warehouse. covering Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, East Grinstead and surrounding areas we are company for you to call.

Fast Local Plumbers and Reliable Heating Engineers in Tonbridge

Fast Local Plumbers and Reliable Heating Engineers in Tonbridge

The Ability team have been praised today as fast local plumbers. The customer based in Southborough, near Tonbridge in Kent, gave the lads a top notch review. Mrs Taylor confirmed with the office that they are reliable heating engineers in Tonbridge.Fast Local Plumbers and Reliable Heating Engineers in Tonbridge

So a gold star is given to Max and Tom for continued hard work and quality of workmanship. The feedback is most welcome here at Ability. We pride ourselves on being fast local plumbers and when credit is given to our reliable heating engineers in Tonbridge we are over the moon with positive feedback.

Fast Local Plumbers

It can be challenging to provide the service that is recognised by Mrs Taylor, however when we pull out all the stops and work around the clock to get these things done then its worth it. So the plumbing and heating that has been carried out by our fast local plumbers are almost done and the reliable heating engineers in Tonbridge are booked to start a boiler installation in Hildenborough tomorrow afternoon when everything is all wrapped up.Fast Local Plumbers and Reliable Heating Engineers in Tonbridge

Reliable Heating Engineers in Tonbridge.

And so the wheel keeps turning and jobs keep rolling. As we strive to provide everyone that’s booked in the new boiler and heating systems they need. The oil boiler installation that is starting in Hildenborough is booked in for 2 days with three men so this should be commissioned and running for the weekend. With the right team in place, we do not anticipate any problems and we are a solution based company today so if something crops up we get it sorted. With our fast local plumbers had no job is too large or too small. So please make us your first call and we can send our reliable heating engineers in Tonbridge Today.

Plumbing Local For Trusted Plumbers Like Ability in East Grinstead

Plumbing Local For Trusted Plumbers Like Ability in East Grinstead

Today, Ability in East Grinstead, we have had a good genuine compliment on the plumbing local to our hometown of Tunbridge Wells. The two gas engineers and trusted plumbers at Ability received a review online and a very generous bonus from our customer in East Grinstead West Sussex.

plumbing local-trusted plumbers-ability in east grinstead
Simplified, finished Bath in a Bathroom

The team working for Ability in East Grinstead consisted of two senior trusted plumbers who have been established at the company for over 10 years now. With vast skills, plumbing local to the Sout East of England the quality of workmanship is second to none. A real credit and asset.

With an ever-growing number of engineers here at Ability, we aim to continue to provide the fast, efficient and professional service that has seen the company grow over the last 40 years. The plumbing local to Tunbridge Wells, TonbridgeSevenoaks and East Grinstead is where the trusted plumbers have built a reputable name for themselves.

So for a complete service from start to finish, a quality of workmanship to supersede all expectations and no thrills, no fuss job finished and a job that’s done right in the first instance its Ability that you need to call. For trusted plumbers who, like Ability in East Grinstead have been established and experienced well over 30 years your looking at the right page. Your plumbing local lads are on hand and waiting for your call today.

plumbing local-trusted plumbers-ability in east grinstead
Child sleeping in the comfort of their home

Finally, we want to reassure all our customers that Ability in East Grinstead is fully insured. We take great care in our work and the trusted plumber who work here take pride in their work, with family values for the company and the customer, this moto has embedded a lasting friendship between staff and customers alike and enabled everyone to have a happy, joyous and free working environment.

So for your plumbing repair do not hesitate to call today.

Oil Boiler Installation in East Grinstead West Sussex

Oil Boiler Installation in East Grinstead West Sussex

Yesterday the team here at Ability had a funfilled day with a new heating and hot water system upgrade and a new oil boiler installation in East Grinstead West Sussex. Near the remote village of Forest Row and Just outside of the Ashdown Forest, this beautiful Victorian house was built at the turn of the 20th century.

oil boiler installation in east grinsteadWith fantastic views over the downs and the wildlife abundant in the grounds, it was a privilege working in such an environment. The plumber and oil boiler engineer worked hard for a long day to see the customer was not without heating and hot water for any more than 8 hours that day.

The oil boiler installation in East Grinstead is a Grant Vortex oil system boiler that we installed and comes with a 7-year guarantee of which covers parts and labour. Here at Ability, we pride ourselves on the quality of installation as we as using only the finest manufacturers of boilers both gas and oil.

Our policy of strict adherence to the regulations in force and manufacturers recommendations and installation requirements see that the warranty and guarantees for the work are registered and fulfilled throughout the life of the appliance. The new high-efficiency standards are also met seeing the environment is protected and the cost to the customer is lower, seeing a saving in fuel consumption. This particular oil boiler installation in East Grinstead saw an overall saving of 30% on bills!oil boiler installation in east grinstead

So if you have an old oil boiler and would like us to replace it, then please give us a call here at Ability and we can send out our surveyor to assess your situation, discuss your options and provide you with a free quotation. Please call our local office on 01342 743 723 and we will happily assist.

Summer Run and Local Plumber in Tonbridge Festival Fun

Summer Run and Local Plumber in Tonbridge Festival Fun-Boiler Service in Tonbridge

This week saw our local plumber in Tonbridge having a great time at the local festival after finishing work and enjoying the weather. We also had a boiler service in Tonbridge this week. Ability has several different gas engineers and heating specialists on call, as well as our local plumbers and boiler technicians.local plumber in tonbridge-boiler service in tonbridge

So when our local plumber in Tonbridge had finished his shift and discovered the festival was taking place, he decided to join in the fun and frolics. We found that the local community had welcomed him to join in and help out on a food stall. Therefore of which our local plumber in Tonbridge was rewarded with free meals and cake!

So its great to be more than just working in Tonbridge, when you can become part of the local events too.

Boiler Service in Tonbridge

With our engineer at Ability, Daniel this week carrying out a boiler service in Tonbridge, it seems we have had a run of visits to this historic town. Ability’s services span various towns and cities throughout the South-East. However, this particularly picturesque little village has a special quality that gives it a beautiful edge other, other similar parts of Kent.local plumber in tonbridge-boiler service in tonbridge

Looking for a boiler service in Tonbridge? Then give us a call at Ability as the team here are ready and waiting for your call. We have multiple engineers working in and around the Kent, Sussex and Surrey areas today.

Our prices are competitive, and our staff are friendly, reliable and experienced at work. So the job you need to be done will be carried out by us with skill and precision.

Please call us today for your free quotation or fast response emergency engineer, whether it be a boiler service in Tonbridge or a local plumber you need its just a phone call away.

We Searched for a Plumber near Sevenoaks Kent and Found Ability.

We Searched for a Plumber near Sevenoaks Kent and Found Ability.

This week saw a new boiler installation in Tonbridge and a customer had called Ability on emergency late on Wednesday evening. After searching for a plumber near Sevenoaks Kentfound Ability. Situated near Biggin Hill in the Sevenoaks District of Kent and in desperate need of some water in the hot and cold of the bathroom taps. The joy became apparent when Ability was able to repair the plumbing problem within 30 minutes of arrival.plumber near sevenoaks kent-boiler installation in tonbridge

The customer had tried to call so many different plumbers who made promises to attend but didn’t turn up! So to have a 1-hour response from Ability and get a repair within the hour was a real delight.

At Ability, we pride ourselves on a fast response, and we keep our word. If we say we will attend, then we do visit. Its a promise we keep if we make it. So if you need a plumber near Sevenoaks Kent then call Ability now!

Boiler Installation in Tonbridge

This week Ability has completed a new boiler installation in Tonbridge. With a new pressurised cylinder too. A complete heating and hot water re-wire and system flush and upgrade. In South Tonbridge three of our gas engineers and plumbers with our apprentice also carried out a super job. So much so that the customer was elated and posted a 5-star review online.plumber near sevenoaks kent-boiler installation in tonbridge

So we have been swamped here at Ability, and the team have worked hard and well together to see that all our customers are happy. So with a new Worcester Bosch gas boiler and a Heatrae Sadia Megaflo pressurised cylinder the boiler installation in Tonbridge is now complete.

The next few weeks have seen an increase in new heating system installation and boiler upgrades in both Tonbridge and Sevenoaks Kent.

So let Ability provide you with a free quotation for your new heating and hot water replacement system. Call 01732 743723 today.