From no hot water to a gas fire service

Gas Fire Service

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Gazco Logic HE gas fire

So an interesting day was had by Daniel today, and we decided to report on two calls to give you an idea of how we roll at Ability. First off a gas fire service in Oxted near Sevenoaks and East Grinstead for an existing customer who we rescued last year. The Gas Network Company were replacing the old corroded metal pipes in the road for new plastic pipes, and some debris managed to get into the gas line and blocked the pilot of the customers gas fire.

gas fire service,engineer,heating,plumbing,plumber
Gazco Logic HE gas fire

A Gazco Logic HE slide-control fire, a great form of instant heat in the lounge or dining area. Fantastic Efficiency too at approximately 89% this is a secondary source of heat that is ideal in this situation as the customer has electric heating and solar power hot water. This fire is one of the most popular of the Gazco range and has the convenience of controlling the flames and settings at the top left-hand side of the fire surround.

We can supply and fit new gas fires as well as service, experience repair and maintain any make and model. We have a vast knowledge in the industry and gas fire service happens to one of our specialities. So for all your instant heat needs, if you want a warming focal point in your living space then give us a call on 0800 889015.




No Hot Water

One other call today that we’d like to add to this news feed is a visit to a customer in Tonbridge which is between Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. Again a regular customer of Ability, who didn’t have any hot water this morning was delighted when we were able to attend within 3 hours of their call to us and get the boiler and system going. It turns out a Honeywell motorised valve had seized and we were able to get this repair done within the hour there and then. Again, another happy customer of Ability.

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Honeywell motorised valve



Two Boiler Installations-Mid Week Madness and Magnetic Filters

Boiler Installations

Today we have two boiler installations taking place at two separate properties. This keeps all the plumbers, gas engineers and central heating specialists at Ability very busy.

On this Wednesday it maybe a little wet and miserable outside with the weather, however it’s not so here as we are busy getting together the materials and parts needed for the gas boiler installation in Sevenoaks TN13 and the Oil boiler in Tunbridge Wells TN1. We have Max and Terry working together today on the large boiler installation, and Tom is installing the gas combination boiler.  We are introducing magnetic filters on both installations for long term protection of the boilers and components. So should you consider a magnetic filter? Well its somthing that has become increasingly popular over recent years and we can see the benefits. Have a little read below about what happens with a central heating system and follow some of the links on this page to get an idea of what a system filter is all about.

Magnetic Filters on new Boiler Installations

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Worcester Bosch Magnetic Filter

Should you have a magnetic filter?

The idea behind these devices is that corrosion within a sealed wet central heating system produces sludge. This which can block up boiler heat exchangers, pumps and radiators and that because this sludge is ferrous in nature (that is, it results from iron or steel corrosion), it can be trapped by a powerful magnet.

This theory is partially true. But sludge can also result from the corrosion of copper, zinc or aluminium components. This is nonferrous, and will not be caught by a magnet.

Ideally, your central heating system should not contain any sludge anyway, because it should be dosed with the corrosion inhibitor. However over time, this inhibitor becomes diluted and if your system is drained, has a leak or losses pressure at times then this inhibitor can become less effective. So here at Ability, we strongly advise a magnetic filter along with the manufacturers. 

Emergency plumber for today and Gas fitter tomorrow

Emergency Plumber

Today consisted of 4 engineers out in the field and that means we covered over 20 calls emergency plumber calls today. One particular visit saw Mrs Jones over the moon when we were able to isolate a shower that would not turn off in her en-suite this morning.

Max our emergency plumber to the rescue, we like to think of him here at Ability as one of our local Heroes. Upon isolation, he discovered an unusual noise coming from the boiler in the adjacent cupboard and it turns out this had been on the customer’s mind and she had wanted to get it looked at for a while. The boiler service is now booked in for tomorrow.
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Contemporary high-efficiency
remote control gas fire

So with one Gas engineer off today, we were all very busy but it was still very manageable and the important thing is, every one of our customers has had a visit and is happy. It’s time to wind down for the evening and prepare for tomorrow’s antics in the world of plumbing and heating.

Finally, we have had an interesting day in the office with 4 boiler quotations accepted, a bathroom to completely refurbish and a gas fire installation. We are also having a new kitchen fitted here in the office and so it’s been very challenging working on the phone lines with two tradesman cutting, sawing, banging and fixing nearby. However, these good tradesmen have worked hard to get this kitchen completed on schedule for the benefit of the office staff here and all is going very well. Once they are finished we will be clearing files and pin boards from the walls to have the office itself decorated and refurbished with a new floor going down and a fresh coat of paint all around on the walls. This will leave a clean and tidy office for the hardworking staff here who are in favour of a clean and tidy working environment.

Sunday pipes down with Glastonbury’s sound

Blocked pipes

Today has been quite something in the pipes of plumbing. While listening to Paul Mc Cartney’s ‘pipes of peace’ on the radio, at the same time trying to reconfigure 22mm copper pipes in an airing cupboard due to a blocked cold feed pipe from a feed and expansion tank.

This job was a challenging one, to say the least, and so it’s quite soothing right now as the Glastonbury festival comes to a close so does the working day at Ability. The common problem of blockages in gravity systems is now becoming less and less due to the growing upgrade of pressurised systems, however, this, in turn, brings a whole new set of problems at times when converting an existing dated heating system over from gravity to pressurised.

flowing water from old pipes

How to deal with a blocked cold feed

Issues with hydrogen in radiators and corrosion debris should be tackled using a chemical cleaning. Before proceeding with a system clean, check that the feed and expansion cistern is clean and free from bacteriological or microbiological contaminations. If necessary, isolate, drain, clean and disinfect it.

You should select the appropriate cleaning chemical for the system and the issue in question – in this instance, Sentinel X400 System Restorer and X800 JetFlo Ultimate Cleaner are recommended – and commence cleaning, using a power flushing device where possible, but only if it is appropriate for the system. Powerflushing is not suitable for systems which contain microbore or non-barrier plastic piping. If the system is new or less than six months old, X300 System Cleaner is the recommended cleaning product and a manual flush is the recommended cleaning method for this product.

We are always on hand at Ability for your Central heating needs so if you require any advice or an engineer for your home please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 889015

Manic Monday Morning-the plumbing world is not yawning!

So and Emergency Plumbing job in our plumbing world has been booked in at Ability and our plumber Tom has set off to that in East Grinstead. Max has various plumbers jobs to do at a Kitchen refit in the Orpington/Bromley area. We have boiler repairs today as well as Central Heating calls in Tunbridge Wells.

We’re not just a 24-hour plumbing emergency company covering the South East with our emergency plumber network, we also run a plumbing Division based on news and plumbing Innovations. Maybe you’re looking to save water or ways to prevent water damage. You can either call us for ideas yourself or have us inspect your home to advise what you may require. We have promotions on all year round for boilers and other products.

Finding the right plumbing information, when you need an emergency plumber or a gas safe registered engineer, is always very important. It can save you money immediately or it can cost in the short term but save you money in the future.

Plumbing World

Things may not be too bad if you already know a trusted plumber or heating engineer that knows your system and can be relied on.

But the trouble is that many people just go straight to the phone directory or to internet listings and pick a trader at random.

Emergency plumbing is a distress purchase and rogue traders know it. In fact, winter is their busiest time of year.

This is why at Ability Plumbing and Heating we can promise you a genuine and real service that you can trust. Trust is what we pride ourselves on.

Why not call us now. We can send an engineer out to you for your immediate comfort and ease of concern with any of those annoying plumbers jobs you might not want to do.

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Black iron pipe and fittings

On Call-Deciding on Which Boiler and Start of the Weekend.

Deciding on which boiler

Deciding on which boiler? So as today pulls to a close The Plumbers on call here are off home. All Gas Work Complete, all Central Heating and Gas Fires repaired. So all Customers in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells are Happy. We have Repaired Boilers, Cookers and Fires this Week and Today We fixed Toilets, Taps and Sinks. The Weekend has Two Engineers on Call and So if your Worcester Bosch Boiler or Ideal Radiators need attention please do not hesitate to call.deciding on which boiler-on call

At Ability, we will continue to grow, in order to provide a professional service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority today and we will endeavour to ensure our work meets the great standards laid down by our peers.

On Call and Learning a bit about boilers

Deciding on which boiler will make an efficient and practical fit for your home and lifestyle can be confusing. The images below show the main system types, how they work, their advantages and what kind of homes they work best in.

If your new boiler is going to be fitted onto your existing system, please consider the cleanliness of your existing pipework and radiators as this could cause damage to your new boiler. For more information about system cleanliness, view our helpful free boiler guide.

boiler repair, on call, gas engineer, fault finding, diagnostic-deciding on which boiler-on call
boiler repair, on call, gas engineer, fault finding, diagnostics

So if you need help deciding on which boiler to have or you would like a visit today, we have someone on call for your needs. At Ability, we pride ourselves on being at the end of the phone for your plumbing requirements 24/7. As a small local family run business, we are small enough to care and big enough to provide you with the service that shines. Call today for your free quotation, were on call to help you with deciding on which boiler to have.


Rain Today Sun Tomorrow-Emergency Plumbing Problem

Another Emergency Plumbing Problem

So the day started with a Customer from Tunbridge Wells this Morning before 8 am who had an Emergency Plumbing problem of  Which our Engineer Max was able to Attend within the hour and Replace the Toilet Ball-Valve in the Cistern.  The day continued with Emergency Gas Boiler repairs, Gas fire Installation and various other jobs in the Plumbers World.

emergency plumbing problemToday we want to bring you a little information on the combination boiler.

A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains when you turn on a tap, so you won’t need a hot water storage cylinder or a cold water storage tank in the roof space.

They are also very cost-effective and energy-efficient as water is heated instantly rather than being heated and then stored in a cylinder. An added benefit is that hot water is delivered at mains pressure, which means that you could get a powerful shower without the need for a separate pump.

In the early days of the combination boiler, many thought it would be a passing phase, which would be here today and gone tomorrow. How wrong they were!

Emergency Plumbing Problem Solved.

Originally the ‘combination boiler’ was an import from Europe where it had been used widely before it caught on in Britain, although as we will see some would argue it’s basic origin was indeed British.

The central heating market in Britain was one where an open vented system, with a capacity to store an amount of domestic hot water, was the norm and so when a system which stored no domestic hot water and had a sealed central heating system came along it was seen as a totally ‘Foreign’ concept.

Please give us a call on 01892 514495 for more information.

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Local family business established over 35 years

A long day Today and the old Potterton Suprima has been replaced

A long day consisted of a replacement Potterton Suprima in Langton a boiler service in East Grinstead a gas fire repair in Tonbridge and two site surveys, one in Reigate and one in Speldhurst. A combination boiler replacing a regular central heating Potterton Suprima and a Gazco gas fire.

We at Ability have a vast knowledge of how boilers have evolved over the years and today we replaced a Potterton Suprima Standard efficiency boiler with a new Modern Worcester Bosch 30i combination condensing boiler. The Potterton range has been dominant in the market over the years, however, isn’t as popular today as it was 20 years ago. A brief history below of the Manufacturers boilers.

A history of Potterton and the Potterton Suprima

Potterton has a long, prestigious history in the heating industry.


Thomas Potterton founded the company as a firm of general contractors in Balham, London.


Potterton completed the first gas boiler installation with the Victor boiler.


The company astounded the heating trade with the first ever multiple installations of gas boilers when 16 Victor boilers were installed in 4 vertical banks at Eugene Sandow’s cultural institution.

potterton suprima,boiler,gas,heating,standard efficiency
potterton Suprima, boiler, gas, heating, standard efficiencies 

1920 – 1930

Potterton led the way in developing the gas boiler market with boilers appearing in a number of distinguished places at the time, including 10 and 11 Downing Street and the Leicester Square Odeon.


Potterton launched the extremely successful series of Diplomat gas-fired boilers, which were among the first of the modern generation of boilers.


Potterton achieved a notable milestone in its history with the production of its millionth boiler.


Potterton introduced the revolutionary Netaheat wall-hung boiler, which won the first-ever award of excellence given by the Institute of Domestic Heat Engineers.


Potterton produced its two millionth boiler.


Potterton produced its three millionth boiler.


Netaheat was replaced by the more compact Profile.


Potterton produced its four millionth boiler.


Potterton Promax range of high efficiency condensing boilers was launched

2007 – 2010

Potterton was awarded a Best Buy by Which? magazine for the Potterton Gold Combi 24 HE for four years running.

Today, more than seven million Potterton boilers have been manufactured in the UK and we are still helping to keep homes warm and comfortable. You can depend on Potterton.


Luxury Bathroom Installation and Radiators Rule

Luxury Bathroom Installation

This week we are completing another luxury bathroom installation and today the work includes a drain down to fit a contemporary heated towel rail with new valves in Kent.  Designer bathroom radiators are really on trend and very popular with our customers at Ability.  They can provide an amazing finishing touch to a bathroom or shower room and can be curved or flat and hung vertically or horizontally.  Give us a call soon and we can quote to supply and fit a new radiator which could transform your existing bathroom as a cost-effective solution for a quick bathroom-bathroom installation

Our Bathroom Division is busy all year round however we always have time to quote at Ability. So if you would like a new Luxury Bathroom Installation please contact us to arrange one of our expert surveyors to come and carry out an assessment of your requirements.

Bathroom Installation

Bathrooms require a special eye and detailed finish of which our plumbers Steve and Max are well trained and have good experience in. We are completing a bathroom this week in Sevenoaks and we have a new Luxury Bathroom installation starting in Tonbridge the following week.

Our experienced and attentive plumbers specialise in a wide range of bathroom and shower room repairs. We can repair and install baths, sinks, showers, basins, toilets and many more. Please do not hesitate to call and arrange a visit. Our Luxury Bathroom installation design team and installers can work out your most practical and viable solution for your home. So please give Ability a call for a free no obligation Quotation.

luxury bathroom-bathroom installationOur reputation is built on truly listening to our customers. We pride ourselves on finding and supplying the perfect suite and tiles for each individual taste.

We also have highly qualified electricians that can safely adjust any electrical supply needed.

Our quality promise

All Ability plumbers are highly qualified and insured. We take pride in our work and ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the works carried out. We cover all of the South East so call for your luxury bathroom installation today.

luxury bathroom-bathroom installation

A Warm fire on a Warm day- Gazco Gas Fire-a Specialty of Ours

A Warm fire on a Warm day- Gazco Gas Fire-a Specialty of Ours

We have just repaired a Gazco gas fire in East Grinstead on behalf of the manufacturer as third-party engineers for them. A new spark lead, generator and micro-switch have to lead to a gas safe working appliance. Please do not hesitate to call us if your Gazco fire requires attention.

The Stovax Group has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-quality stoves, fires and fireplaces for over 30 years. Today, the Stovax Group is one of UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers and exports to over 50 countries worldwide. The Gazco gas fire is a favourite in the UK.


Based in Exeter, England, Stovax Ltd was established in 1981 to design, manufacture and distribute wood burning stoves and fireside accessories. By 1988, a decision was made to diversify into the manufacture of gas-fired versions of Stovax stoves and a separate company, Gazco Ltd was formed to develop and produce them. Today, as sister companies, Stovax and Gazco continue to work very closely together. Each company has developed continuously its product range such that the combined businesses have grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires, with exports to countries worldwide.

Gazco Gas Fire


gazco-gazco gas fire
a fireslide Gazco Logic gas fire

In 2006, Stovax Ltd purchased Yeoman, a long established manufacturer of wood-burning stoves which specialised in more rustic, rural styling. The company continues to produce a distinctive and separate range of wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fires under the Yeoman brand. 

Stovax is also the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for some additional fireplaces and stove brands including Dovre, Lotus, Nordpeis & Varde.

You can find your nearest retailer in the UK and the Republic of Ireland by using the Find a Retailer option on this website.

For information on distributors in other countries, please contact

The Future

With the depletion of fossil fuels and unprecedented increases in their costs, wood is already being accepted as an economic, renewable and carbon-neutral energy source. Stovax high-efficiency stoves and fires will continue to help provide ‘green’ heating for the 21st Century, while the company commits itself to research the alternative technologies that will provide heating in the years ahead. Gazco is making continuing advancements in the development of high-efficiency gas fire technology and highly realistic flame-effect electric fires, helping to keep Gazco at the forefront of the market.

gazco-gazco gas fire