Water Heater, Should it Be Turned Off When Going On Holiday?

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We always assume when going on vacation it’s more cost-effective to turn water heaters off but this is not always the case in the long run. Dependant of age, efficiency and how long it will be shut off for are all factors that must be considered. An older water heater is likely to go wrong if turned off for a long period of time. The change in temperature from hot to cold can lead to leaks or component failure.

Water Heater Tonbridge
Water Heater fitted in Tonbridge

A relatively new water heater is unlikely to go wrong if turned off for a week or two however, some models do have a vacation mode. This turns the temperature down and just keeps it ticking over.

The only disadvantage of this is that hot water in the tank whilst above 108F kills any bacteria that may be lying around in the tank. As soon as the water is cooled the bacteria will multiply at an alarming rate. Warm water is the ideal environment for bacteria such as legionella to breed. The most important thing to remember that if the water heater is turned off or down, it must not be used until the water has heated back up to a high temperature for several hours. Hot water needs to be run through the pipes to flush any harmful bacteria away.

There are a few simple things that can save money throughout the year when using a water heater includes; adding an insulation jacket if your water heater is older and insulating any exposed pipework with inexpensive foam lagging. This will actually make a larger saving through the year than turning your water heater off when going on holiday.

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Gas Fires Galore-Hot weather and more.

Gas Fires

With two gas fires to work on this morning its been a hot day all round. The warm weather today made for hot business both inside the home and out in the garden.
We had a refurbishment to do first off in Tonbridge.

A cast iron basket fire approximately fifteen years old. This fire had not worked for three years, and the cast iron basket and back panel had become tarnished and rusty. The on/off control had seized, and the cosmetic, ceramic coals and fuel bed had perished and become worn. And so it was our job to strip the whole thing back and completely refurbish it.

It is a gratifying job to bring back to life a gas fire that remains a focal point of the room and a fundamental feature in the inglenook fireplace.
So as we went to work stripping back the metal work and then coating it with high-temperature stove paint, with the warm weather outside it proved to be challenging work. However its a job worth doing whatever the weather when the result provides us with a gas fire that looked like new.
We think you will appreciate the work involved with the before and after photos below.

gas fires, basket, coal effect, decorative fires
Redundant and run down fireplace

gas fires, decorative, coal effect, basket fire
Finished and working gas fire refurbished like new

Gazco Gas Fires

Then we went to a Gazco Linea Gas fire repair. The fire is a remote controlled Balanced flue contemporary gas fire with a high efficiency, heat output.
Fortunately, this was a relatively easy repair, and so a service was carried out after as the last service was just over a year ago and so it was due. Enabling the customer to get good value for their money in killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.
That was the morning over, and so two more happy customers and both can use their secondary back up source of heat when necessary.

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