The Plumbers Cycle route with Pubs in the Heart of Kent

The Plumbers Cycle route

Ability’s plumbers adventure of various Public houses in the beautiful countryside of Kent. Well known as the Garden of England we explore the different pub’s on whats known as the plumbers ‘Hever Route” as it’s a regular ride.

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Hever Castle on a sunny and hot Sunday morning

Here is a map of the route the plumbers take and its 23 miles in total of which can take around 1 hour 30 minutes at an average speed of 15 mph.

the plumbers
Map of Hever cycle route our plumber takes

The plumber often spends the early hours cycling on a Saturday and Sunday around this tranquil and peaceful part of the South East of England. This is finished before the plumber starts work.

The route starts in Southborough then onto Bidborough and Penshurst where the famous Penshurst Place remains a popular historic tourist attraction.

Then onto Chiddingstone and the infamous Hever Castle and The King Henry VIII.

Finally the plumbers regular route around this incredibly scenic area of which we have many regular customers. Customers whom we service and maintain their Oil boilers or LPG gas fires.

The route finishes up with a little more of Penshurst Tonbridge before climbing up into Fordcombe and Langton in Tunbridge Wells.

So with the plumbers last count, there were 17 pubs along the way. So we have decided to list them and see which ones you recognise.

Local Historic and Modern Public Houses

The Weavers-The Imperial-The hand and Sceptre-The Kentish Hare-The Leicester ArmsThe LittleBrown Jug-The Wheatsheaf-The Greyhound-The Kentish Horse-The Bottle House-The Spotted Dog-The Chafford Arms-The Hare at Langton-The Royal Wells-Saint Johns Yard and the Cross Keys.

Here are some photographs we have taken of the pubs while out working over the last few months. We are blessed to work in such beautiful areas and so it’s rewarding to spend time enjoying the countryside while not working.

If you are in or around any of these areas then please do not hesitate to call us at Ability on 0800 889015

the plumbers
Various historic places and pubs of interest


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