Thermostatic Radiator Valve Turns 75 Years Old

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Turns 75 Years Old

Here at Ability this week we are focused on the Thermostatic Radiator Valve and our new electrical Engineers and Electricians.

Back in 1943, the founder of Danfoss controls known as Mads Clausen had invented the worlds first radiator thermostat.thermostatic radiator valve-electrical engineers

In Europe alone, we know today that there are more than 500 million manual and non-regulated valves mounted on radiators. And if these were upgraded, replaced by newer radiator thermostats, incorporating the latest technology, Europe’s annual CO2 emissions could be reduced by anything up to 29 million tons. This we believe will bring a return on investment in just two years, the whole of Europe would save 12 billion Euros and 130 TWh of energy per year, helping the environment immensely.

The radiator thermostat is an integral part of the Danfoss’ DNA and the most known and visible example of their technologies today:

The marketing of the product began in 1952. This is when Danfoss launched the radiator thermostat as an application which saves money and increases comfort in centrally heated homes, and since then we have moved along extremely fast.

Since 1943, Danfoss alone has manufactured around 350 million radiator thermostats, thereby reducing 650,000,000 tons of CO2. This can increase as technology progresses.

The thermostatic radiator valve has become an important part of today’s heating system both in the domestic home and commercial workplace.

Electrical Services Take Off

We have recently launched our electrical division here at Ability with an ever-growing team of engineers. Its a continuous stream of work enabling us to keep even more customers happy.thermostatic radiator valve-electrical engineers

Ability Electrical Engineers

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