Toilet Ball valve replacement for damp patch inside and out.

Toilet Ball Valve

We were called to a damp patch due to a toilet ball valve leaking in Hildenborough. This had leaked onto a ceiling above the bathroom, however, the confusing matter was due to a damp stain both inside and outside the customers home!

Our local plumber soon discovered that the toilet ball valve had failed and the overflow was not correctly connected, therefore the water had leaked out the overflow that wasn’t correctly installed by the house builders and in turn, this called for the toilet ball valve to leak both inside and out.

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Our emergency plumber to the rescue

Water is very deceiving and our experience at Ability Plumbing and Heating has enabled us with accuracy and precision determine the more common leaks and problems that occur when a customer plumbing fails and we are called to assess the situation and find the leak then make the repair.

So when we were called out to this particular customer whose damp patch was both inside and outside the house it was confusing, to say the least when investigating. Our engineer Tom was quick to discover a concealed cistern above the area in question and quickly diagnosed the problem as the toilet ball valve.

So a temporary repair was made and then a new side entry valve was fitted. This is standard stuff in plumbing world and the day of our hard working plumber. The customer is now a happy one and we can move on to the next call. This was all done in the space of an hour. So the quick thinking of our engineer and the skill, expertise and knowledge base has proved to be useful and professional in the call to our customer in Hildenborough.

So if you need a plumber or engineer of any kind please do nor hesitate to call us here at Ability and we will be happy to assist in any way we can please call us on 0800889015

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