Bathroom and Toilet Installation and Room Thermostat Replacement

Bathroom and Toilet Installation and Room Thermostat Replacement

This week has seen Ability carry out a Bathroom and Toilet Installation and Room Thermostat Replacement in Bidborough, Tunbridge Wells and Seal Chart near Sevenoaks, both in Kent.

toilet installation-room thermostat-tunbridge wells-sevenoaks
Gas fire repair and Service


toilet installation-room thermostat-tunbridge wells-sevenoaks
Bathroom and Toilet Installation

The Team has been traveling throughout the South East this week from our gas engineer renewing an LPG regulator in West Peckham near Maidstone to a Sludged up Heating system in Ightam Sevenoaks Kent.

A gas fire repair carried out and completed in Hayesden, Tonbridge in Kent.

We replaced two radiators in Forest Row East Grinstead West Sussex yesterday, and A new room thermostat thoughtfully positioned in place of an ancient Honeywell in Crowborough East Sussex.

So our plumbers, gas engineers and central heating specialists have been in and around the Kent, Sussex, and Surrey areas all this week. If you see our vans, please give us a toot or a wave.

We had an interesting call to a customer with a Honeywell room thermostat that must have been one of the first ever made. This hard-wired device was a beautifully crafted masterpiece in our industry.

Room Thermostat in Sevenoaks

Our customer had decided on a Drayton Wireless replacement and this was a demonstration of how things have changed in the industry over the years.

From old Honeywell Thermostat to new Wireless technology

Heating System Sludge and Silt Build up are known as Magnetite.

Magnetite is a term used in plumbing to describe the dissolved metal held in the water of a heating or hot water system, often seen in the form of a black sludge in radiator water, particularly in the lower parts of heating systems such as the ground floor or basement.

A similar red sludge is known as ‘hermetite’ also forms in heating systems but normally remains in the top of the system. Typically in the header tank (known as the ‘feed and expansion tank’), discoloring the water in the header tank with a reddish stain and blocking the air vent and cold feed pipes.

The effect of sludge is too narrow the opening in the pipe and as the sludge deposits grow the pipe gradually closes up until it becomes blocked completely.

Both forms of sludge inevitably formed by the corrosion of the insides of the pipework, radiators, boiler and other metal fittings in a heating or hot water system over time.


toilet installation-room thermostat-tunbridge wells-sevenoaks
Blockage caused by magnetite in filter-before and after

Because magnetite is denser than water, it tends to settle in the pipes and radiators in a heating system, building up over time to a black sludge which will eventually restrict water flow or block waterways altogether.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think our services could benefit you as winter approaches on 0800 889 015.

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