Tunbridge Wells Landlords Certificates and Boiler Repairs

Tunbridge Wells Landlords Certificates and Boiler Repairs

This morning at Ability we report on Tunbridge Wells landlords certificates and boiler repairs. We have many landlords both private and corporate companies that we work with in the plumbing and heating industry.

Today we look at one in particular that has been maintained by Ability for over 10 years now. This call to a boiler repair yesterday happened to be close to home in High Brooms Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Tunbridge Wells Landlords Certificates Boiler Repairs
Ideal Evo combination condensing gas boiler

The tenant works very nearby and so we had arranged with the landlord to contact the tenant 30 minutes before our arrival at the property. This service has been offered by Ability for some time now. If someone happens to be nearby or within one hours distance from their home or a property, we will always provide a courtesy call when we are on route or at a specified time that suits the customer.

High Brooms Ideal Boiler Repair

The tenant met with our engineer who very quickly diagnosed the boiler fault and made the repair within the hour of arrival. The landlord certificate (CP12) was carried out and a copy left with the tenant and a copy sent to the landlord.

Tunbridge Wells Landlords Certificates Boiler Repairs
Ideal Evo combination condensing gas boiler

The ideal combination boiler has reached an age where it may be considered for replacement in the near future. We always make it clear about the age and condition of the boiler and if it still works fine and is safe there is no reason to change it. However, a condensing combination boiler at the age of 12 years is unfortunately no longer a young boiler.

The checks were carried out and everything proved to be safe and working and so the boiler may continue for another year or more. The tenant was happy and able to get back to work nearby and the landlord will be pleased with a quick job done by us at Ability once more.

If you are a landlord and would like us to look at a property for you please give us a call on 01892514495.

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