Tunbridge Wells Local Plumber in new find behind old fireplace

Tunbridge Wells Local Plumber

Our Tunbridge Wells Local Plumber was running a new gas supply under a bathroom floor and across a landing when he come across an old packet of players! Some of you may ask what are a packet of players?

The new gas pipe had to run from a 28mm existing copper supply outside the property in Langton Green near to the gas meter and up the outside of the building into the void under the bathroom floor. Once our local plumber had run the gas pipe across the landing and down into the cupboard under the stairs he opened up a void at the back of the fireplace to discover an old packet of players. This is an early brand of cigarettes.

tunbridge wells local plumber
Old packet of players Cigarettes

Our Tunbridge Wells local plumber remembers his mentor smoking these cigarettes when he was a young apprentice! The packet was left tucked behind an old brick and it appeared the tradesman who left the packet of players back then may have finished his last cigarette then tucked the old packet away thinking it may never be seen again.

Dru Metro Gas Fire

The new gas supply had been run to serve a new Dru Metro gas fire installation of which we will follow up a post on once the job is complete. Dru gas fires are an increasingly popular form of space heating particularly in a lounge. Today the unique appearance, efficiency and control of these products has become a very attractive option for the homeowner in the Tunbridge Wells, Kent area.

We are increasingly installing, servicing and maintaining these gas fires and have good experience and knowledge today of how they work. This is all important when it comes to a repair or service for ease of diagnosis and understanding of potential parts required.

So if you are interested in a gas fire of this type or have one that may need a service, please give us a cal here at Ability.


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