Two Boiler Installations-Mid Week Madness and Magnetic Filters

Boiler Installations

Today we have two boiler installations taking place at two separate properties. This keeps all the plumbers, gas engineers and central heating specialists at Ability very busy.

On this Wednesday it maybe a little wet and miserable outside with the weather, however it’s not so here as we are busy getting together the materials and parts needed for the gas boiler installation in Sevenoaks TN13 and the Oil boiler in Tunbridge Wells TN1. We have Max and Terry working together today on the large boiler installation, and Tom is installing the gas combination boiler.  We are introducing magnetic filters on both installations for long term protection of the boilers and components. So should you consider a magnetic filter? Well its somthing that has become increasingly popular over recent years and we can see the benefits. Have a little read below about what happens with a central heating system and follow some of the links on this page to get an idea of what a system filter is all about.

Magnetic Filters on new Boiler Installations

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Worcester Bosch Magnetic Filter

Should you have a magnetic filter?

The idea behind these devices is that corrosion within a sealed wet central heating system produces sludge. This which can block up boiler heat exchangers, pumps and radiators and that because this sludge is ferrous in nature (that is, it results from iron or steel corrosion), it can be trapped by a powerful magnet.

This theory is partially true. But sludge can also result from the corrosion of copper, zinc or aluminium components. This is nonferrous, and will not be caught by a magnet.

Ideally, your central heating system should not contain any sludge anyway, because it should be dosed with the corrosion inhibitor. However over time, this inhibitor becomes diluted and if your system is drained, has a leak or losses pressure at times then this inhibitor can become less effective. So here at Ability, we strongly advise a magnetic filter along with the manufacturers. 

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