Common reasons for drain blockages in the UK

Drains can become blocked for various reasons. If you need to find out more about what may have caused your blocked drain, read on so you can start identifying the right solution.

Putting unsuitable products down your toilet or sink

Drains often become blocked because people have put the wrong things down them. You should never put antibacterial or baby wipes down your toilet because they won’t break down in the same way that toilet paper does. Instead of breaking down, these wipes simply build up until they block your drain. You also need to avoid letting fats go down your sink or toilet as they will simplify solidify in your drain. It’s also unwise to put nappies down your sink. Aside from human waste, the only item you should regularly be putting down your toilet is toilet roll. Fats and food waste need to go into your bin.

External items

Sometimes drains can become blocked due to external items like leaves, stones and general debris. You shouldn’t let paint get into your drain either. Installing a drain cover is a good way to defend your drain from these unwanted blockage-causing items. A drain cover will also make it harder for others to put the wrong items into your drain.

Tree roots

Over time, tree roots can grow substantially to the point that they cause problems with your drain. Once they get to where they shouldn’t be, they can cause pipe cracks which lead to leaks. The roots can also grow into your pipes to stop water from flowing as freely as it needs to. If you suspect tree roots could be causing your blockage, speak to a professional such as a property surveyor. 

Structural problems

It’s possible that the pipes themselves could be causing the problem. For instance, they may have started to crack, or the joints may have perished, causing part of the pipe to move. Squashed fibreglass pipes can also stop water from flowing as it should. A surveyor may be able to let you know if your pipes have structural issues.

Signs you have a blockage

You may have a blockage if you have noticed a highly unpleasant smell or a sewage leak. Water may have started to appear in parts of your home like your cellar, and unwanted aromas may be coming from your toilet or sink.

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