The most common plumbing questions and answers

Some plumbing problems are commonly identified by homeowners and tenants, whilst others occur less frequently. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the main plumbing queries we’re frequently asked by our clients. Read on for the most common plumbing questions and answers.

Why has my water become cloudy?

Water can become cloudy for many reasons. Cloudiness can occur after very small particles of dirt, sand and dust find their way into your water supply. Even if your water does appear cloudy, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe to drink. You may be able to use a sediment filter to clean the water.

If the water is not only cloudy but smells unpleasant too, it may contain hydrogen sulfide. This is often caused when insufficient oxygen is present. A lack of oxygen can cause sulphur bacteria to multiply, which then produces hydrogen sulfide gas, which can become trapped in your system. A plumber can resolve this issue. Bubbles can also cause cloudy water due to temperature and pressure changes.

Shall I turn my water off before I go on holiday?

If you leave your water valve on when you head out for several days or weeks. If there is an undetected leak, and it is not resolved for a considerable period of time, it could cause flooding. This means it’s a very wise move to turn your water valve off before you do head off.

Where can I find my main water shut-off valve?

Not everyone’s shut-off valve is in the same place. It may be at eye level in your basement but could be under your kitchen sink. You may also be able to locate your valve by reading your home inspection report. If you still don’t have any luck, a professional plumber should be able to help you.

Why have my water bills increased recently?

There are many reasons why a water bill may rise substantially. Dripping taps are normally the main culprits of high water bills, but a leaking toilet may also be the issue. You may also be experiencing issues due to outdated plumbing works or a leaky, loose underground pipe. Some people simply see rises in their water bills because they are using more water than usual. For instance, someone in your household may be taking longer showers or deeper baths than usual.

Why are my pipes banging?

Pipes normally happen due to water pressure changes. If you’ve heard banging when you’ve used certain appliances, your pipes may need to be refastened. Pipe straps and water hammer arrestors may help. If you have little experience in plumbing work, it’s wise to call a professional plumber.

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