What kinds of boiler are available?

If you have been wondering what kinds of boilers are available on the market today, we can help. Find out more about today’s most popular boilers right now.

Combi boilers

These boilers are also known as combination boilers and allow you to source both your heating and your hot water from a single unit. These boilers use a metallic heat exchanger to immediately heat your water on demand. Combustion is used to make this happen, and this can involve burning a fuel like oil or gas. Combi boilers don’t need a separate hot water storage tank.  As these boilers are so compact, they can be great for small properties. On the downside, you may experience reduced water flow rates when more than one outlet is being used.

Heat only or regular boilers

These boilers have three main components, which are the boiler itself, a cold water storage tank and a separate hot water storage cylinder. Heat only boilers can give you a greater flow rate, which means they are a good match for larger properties. You won’t need water to be supplied at high pressure through the mains, so they could work well for you if you have an older heating system that can’t tolerate the high pressure of closed systems. However, you will need to find space for the cylinder and water tank.

System boilers

System boilers can be regarded as modern versions of tradition regular boilers and can give you hot water on demand alongside heating water for your radiators. These boilers have unvented separate hot water tanks. You don’t need a cold water cistern tank, and your water will be supplied to your boiler through the mains. However, this kind of boiler may not be right for you if you have low water pressure.

What are condensing boilers?

All the boilers on the market today are condensing boilers. These boilers are all at least 90% energy efficient and tend to be much better for the environment than the systems which preceded them.

Which type of boiler is right for me?

The kind of boiler that’s best for you will depend on various factors including what your hot water needs are, how big your property is and what kind of water pressure you have. Gas combi boilers are the most popular type of boilers in the UK today.

Who can help if I need a new boiler in the south east?

At Ability, we are ready to assist you if you need to install a brand new boiler in the south east. We have been a leading installer and maintainer of boilers for decades and can help you identify the ideal boiler for your specific needs.

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