The 4 most common heating problems in winter

Heating problems can cause a great deal of disruption during the winter, turning what should be warm and cosy evenings into chilly and incredibly uncomfortable experiences. Some winter heating problems are more common than others, but let’s take a look at four of the biggest challenges you’re most likely to face during the colder months.

Heat cycling

Have you ever noticed your heating clicking on and off repeatedly during the winter? This is an issue known as heat cycling. Causes of heat cycling include dirt-ridden and clogged filters as well as malfunctioning thermostats. Heat cycling can raise your heating bills considerably and make your systems less efficient. You may be able to resolve the issue or at least lessen it by bleeding your radiator to release trapped air. This can improve hot water circulation and release pressure.

Low temperatures

If your heating system isn’t delivering as much heat as you require, you may have a broken thermostat or diaphragm. This problem can cause temperatures to remain too low all around your home. You may also have a broken boiler. If you suspect this is the cause of your problem, ask a professional to check it over as soon as you can.

Carbon monoxide leaks

It’s vital that you don’t underestimate the dangers of carbon monoxide. One of the reasons carbon monoxide is so hazardous is that it has no odour, taste or colour. Large amounts of carbon monoxide can kill you, so get your boiler checked if it is over ten years old. You’re also advised to install a carbon monoxide detector to alert you to its presence.

Differences in room temperatures

Walking into a cold room from a warm one and vice versa can be incredibly frustrating when you want to achieve a consistent temperature. This inconsistency can be caused by holes and open vents which could be allowing cold air to get into your home. The problem is also linked to leaky windows and doors. Weather stripping your windows and doors can help you keep more heat inside your home. If you don’t seem to have any issues with your insulation, the coil or filter in your heating system may need to be cleaned.

How Ability can help with winter heating problems

Ability can help if you require heating services in Tunbridge Wells. We offer a wide range of installation, maintenance and diagnostic services to help you achieve optimal comfort. We can help you overcome heating problems quickly so you and your family aren’t left cold this winter. Heating problems often strike at highly inconvenient times. Ability can get right to the root of your issue to deliver a long-term solution.

When you have a reliable heating engineer on hand, you can achieve greater peace of mind. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are fully qualified to carry out this work, providing first-class services at competitive rates. We are a family-run company specialising in heating, plumbing and electrical work to keep your home as functional as possible.

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