Worcester Bosch Lockout Leads to New Customers Bathroom

Worcester Bosch Lockout

Yesterday a young Mum in Tonbridge, Kent called us out to repair her Worcester Bosch lockout fault on her Greenstar 28i Junior combination condensing boiler. When we arrived, it was clear the boiler hadn’t had any attention for some time. It was confirmed that no work had been carried out on the boiler for the four years that this particular customer had been at the property.  On further investigation, it became obvious to our engineer that in fact there were a few issues.

worcester bosch lockout
Flue gases temperature sensor
Worcester Bosch lockout
Flue gases temperature sensor

So on the first visual inspection, we established the ignition electrodes within the combustion chamber had perished under the constant heart over the years, this is a common issue that we address every day. Then we discovered that the flue temperature sensor safety thermostat had become very rusty. This, however, wasn’t the reason the Worcester Bosch lockout kept occurring.

After carrying out several tests with a volt meter, we quickly determined that the PCB (like a mother board) had malfunctioned and no longer supplied power to the relevant components. A brief chat with the technical department at Worcester Bosch and we determined the correct part number.

Worcester Technical

We have a direct technical help line to Worcester Bosch, and their service is of a very high standard. It was a worth while call as there had been a modification to this model of the boiler and so it was important to get the correct PCB.

worcester bosch lockout
PCB for Worcester Bosch board had modification

We were able to fit all their new parts and service the boiler; the customer was so pleased we are now sending our Bathroom specialist along to carry out a survey and free quotation to supply and fit a new Bathroom.

If you have a Worcester Bosch lockout or any other boiler fault it is important you do not attempt to repair it yourself and call a gas safe engineer to work on the appliance. so please give us a call here at Ability on 01892 514495

We cover all areas in the South East including Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Crowborough and East Grinstead.

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