Blocked radiators?

Blocked radiators? Consider a Central Heating Power Flush as your final option

A power flush targets systems experiencing circulation issues and boiler noise due to sludge and corrosion deposits, aiming to restore them to optimal operation. By eliminating these deposits, power flushing resolves blocked radiators.

Changes to the system or piping and the enhanced efficiency of a new boiler often stir up existing debris, leading to potential accumulation in the boiler heat exchanger. This buildup can result in noisy operation, decreased efficiency, and in severe cases, boiler failure. Modern boilers feature smaller channels in their heat exchangers designed to reduce fuel costs and pollution. However, this design makes them more vulnerable to issues arising from debris in the system water.

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Incorporating a magnetic system cleaner is advisable when installing a new boiler into an older system. This addition complements a power flush by continuously maintaining the cleanliness of the system water.

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