5 Advantages of Changing Your Boiler

Changing your boiler to a new one is better for the environment, saves you money, heats your home faster, makes life easier and gives you that peace of mind you deserve. Is there really a downside?

Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient boiler from your outdated one is not only a refreshing change but also comes with numerous benefits and advantages. We will explore these benefits below.

1- Save as much as £500 annually

By transitioning to a new boiler, you have the potential to reduce your annual energy expenses by up to £500. This is attributed to the enhanced energy efficiency of new boilers, resulting in lower energy consumption for your home and, consequently, reduced costs.

Many individuals experience immediate savings within the initial month of making the switch. Furthermore, with the option of a new boiler coupled with a “buy now, pay later” arrangement, you could save £41.66 monthly before making your first payment for the boiler.

If you’re upgrading from an outdated, non-energy-efficient boiler to a more modern one, the monthly savings on energy bills might even cover the entire cost of the new boiler. Opting for a new boiler proves to be a wise financial move, particularly considering the upward trend in energy prices.

2- Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll find value in the installation of a new boiler. If every household in the UK adopted the use of new energy-efficient boilers, we could collectively reduce carbon emissions by up to 13,000,000 tonnes annually.

The impact of decreasing carbon emissions extends beyond our immediate surroundings, positively affecting local environments and contributing to economic improvement. By embracing energy efficiency, we not only enhance the quality of life in Britain but also contribute to a global effort in creating a more sustainable world.

Given the tangible effects of climate change worldwide, taking steps to minimise your carbon footprint through the adoption of energy-efficient boilers is a meaningful stride toward mitigating the consequences of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions on our planet.

3- Warm up your living space more quickly

Maximise your time on activities you enjoy, and minimise the wait for your home to warm up! As of now, winter is in full swing, and the chill is settling in. There’s nothing more inconvenient than returning from work to a freezing cold house and having to endure a 45-minute wait for the warmth to kick in.

Modern pressurised systems, like Combi Boilers, can achieve heating in just 10 minutes. This ensures rapid distribution of heat throughout the radiators and heating system.

If you’re facing challenges with your current heating setup, it might be an indication that you require either a new boiler or a swift inspection to ensure everything is functioning optimally. You can schedule a service with Ability either by phone or through email.

4- Acquire the most recent technology

Embrace cutting-edge heating technology and be ahead of the curve. Many older boilers lack compatibility with smart thermostats, potentially causing you to overlook valuable features.

Recent technological advancements, especially the advent of smart thermostats, have significantly enhanced convenience. With most smart thermostat models, you can initiate the heating of your home directly from your mobile phone or computer.

Beyond just turning the heating on or off remotely, you can also regulate the temperature effortlessly. If you’re comfortably in bed but feeling a bit chilly, simply use your thermostat app to increase the warmth. Experience the unparalleled ease of modern living.

5- Make the most of 10-year warranties

Manufacturers express such strong confidence in the high quality of their newer boilers that some now provide a remarkable 10-year warranty with every purchase. Possessing a warranty, particularly one lasting for a decade, is a significant advantage when transitioning to a new boiler.

Similar to maintaining a car, it’s essential to have your boiler serviced annually to keep the warranty valid. Nevertheless, it provides peace of mind, assuring you that if any issues arise, you’re covered!

Furthermore, warranties serve as an incentive to address any faulty components promptly. Neglecting regular maintenance, especially for gas boilers, may lead to potential hazards like gas leaks.

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