When was the last time a Gas Safe engineer serviced your boiler? At Ability, we recommend servicing on an annual basis. First, this is the current industry standard. In addition, to meet the terms of your warranty, most manufacturers require a boiler service within 12 months of installing one of their appliances. Following this first inspection, you should continue servicing once a year for the duration of your boiler’s lifespan.

An annual boiler service remains a key part of any safe, energy-efficient home, be it in Hertford, Kent , Sussex or Surrey. What’s more, regular boiler inspections drastically reduce the likelihood of a boiler breakdown and subsequent repair work – not to mention the associated disruption, stress and costs.

It’s easy to take your boiler for granted; even more so in the summer. You might even convince yourself that skipping the odd service here and there actually saves you money.

The truth is – this is a risky habit to adopt. The longer your boiler goes without professional attention, the more time small issues have to develop into bigger problems.

We have used this blog to highlight 4 common signs that show your boiler is due a service.

4 Signs You Need to Schedule a Boiler Service

  1. Leaks
    If you ever discover water leaking from any part of your boiler, call Ability immediately. We will send one of our Gas Safe engineers to your home in Kent, Sussex, Surrey or the neighbouring areas without delay.

Leaks are one of the clearest signs that your boiler is faulty. The leak itself could indicate only a small issue – but they are also a symptom of much larger problems in the system. Without a prompt boiler service, your leak could lead to an array of other issues. This includes the appliance itself as well as mould and water damage to your property.

  1. Slow to Heat Up
    Has your boiler’s performance dropped off recently? For example, if your appliance takes much longer to heat up than usual, it’s not operating at optimal levels. Without professional attention, this problem will only get progressively worse.

Boilers with poor performance cost more to run than a healthy one. By avoiding a boiler service and the necessary repairs, you pay more in bills for months on end. What’s more, you’ll likely need to invest in even larger repairs, or even a boiler replacement, when the situation comes to a head anyway.

  1. Strange Noises
    Our many customers in and around Kent, Sussex and Surrey always express surprise at the all-but silent operation of their modern boilers. While this hushed performance makes it easy to take your boiler for granted, it also makes unusual noises stand out. Common examples include clunking and hissing.

If you hear these sounds or something similar, we advise getting in touch with Ability straight away. Swift, decisive action usually results in smaller, simpler repairs. This not only keeps disruption to a minimum, but costs too.

  1. Poor Energy Efficiency
    Have you noticed a gradual increase in your energy bills? Sadly, boiler problems aren’t always physical. Because this makes some of them harder to spot, it only underlines the importance of your yearly boiler service.

While it’s not unusual for energy prices to rise, you’ll likely receive fair warning of this from your supplier. Unexpected rises, especially large ones, point to an inefficient boiler. If it has been a while since your last service, build-ups have probably accumulated inside your appliance. As a result, your boiler must use more energy to provide your home with heat and warm water.


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