Do you need a new boiler installation?

There are many reasons why someone might need a new boiler installation. You may find yourself looking for a new boiler if your previous installation isn’t working as efficiently as it once did, or if your bills have started creeping up quickly. Let’s take a closer look at why somebody might require a new boiler installation right now.

Strange aromas

If your boiler has started to emit unpleasant smells, this could be a sign that a new boiler is needed. If you do spot unusual smells coming from your boiler, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a registered Gas Safe engineer as soon as you can. The aromas could be caused by a leak, and if this is the case it’s likely that you’ll need to stop using the boiler immediately. Turn off the boiler as soon as you notice the smell.

Regular breakdowns

If your boiler seems to be breaking down on a regular basis, it could be time to replace it. Frequent callouts to a boiler repair professional can be very expensive, and it could be better financially if you simply get the system replaced completely.

Growing bills

If your bills have started to creep up and there is no other explanation for this, the reason could be your boiler’s age. Today’s A-rated boilers operate at more than 90% efficiency, whilst old G-rated boilers only run at a maximum of 70%. Replacing a G-rated boiler can save you hundreds of pounds a year. You will also be saving energy by upgrading to an A-rated boiler, which means you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint.

Unusual noises

If your boiler starts to make strange noises that it has never emitted before, it’s wise to get it looked at ASAP. Noises like banging, vibrating and humming could mean there’s a big problem with your boiler or your central heating system.

Yellow flames and water leaks

If you can see a yellow flame inside your boiler as opposed to a blue one, this could also be indicative of a problem. Get in touch with a Gas Safe engineer as soon as possible if you do spot a yellow flame. If your boiler leaks water, this could mean an internal component has broken. If you don’t have this attended to, you could face an electrical short circuit, and serious structural damage could be caused to your home.

Poor performance

If you are having your boiler serviced on an annual basis but it just isn’t performing as well as it should be, it could be time to take action. Perhaps it’s taking longer for your radiators to warm up, or you are having problems with boiler pressure? If so, have the system checked as quickly as possible.

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