First hosepipe ban of 2022 activated by Southern Water

Southern Water recently activated the first hosepipe ban of 2022, announcing a series of rules around the use of hosepipes. The recent lack of rainfall has reduced the supply of water remarkably, causing the water company to become the first firm in the UK to announce such a ban this year. The ban is now in effect. Those that break the rules announced by Southern Water risk facing tough penalties.

What is a hosepipe ban?

Hosepipe bans are also known as Temporary Use Bans or TUBs. These bans see water companies asking their customers to limit their consumption of water. The company supplies water to people in areas including West Sussex and Hampshire as well as parts of East Sussex, Kent and the Isle of Wight.

What does the hosepipe ban cover?

Under the rules, customers have been instructed to avoid watering their gardens with a hosepipe and clean a private vehicle with one. Hosepipes can’t be used to water plants on domestic and non-commercial premises. Private leisure boats can’t be cleaned with hosepipes, and it’s now not permitted to fill or maintain domestic swimming or paddling pools with them. Hosepipes can’t be used to draw water for domestic recreational usage under the new regulations, and customers in these areas can’t fill or maintain ornamental fountains or domestic ponds. There are also bans on cleaning walls and windows of domestic properties with hosepipes. It’s also not permitted to clean paths or patios with hosepipes.

How much could a customer be fined for breaking the rules?

Those that break the rules face fines of up to £1,000. Companies are free to set their own maximum penalties. This means customers in other regions who are faced with hosepipe bans could be met with fines above or below this figure. There are some exceptions to the rules, and you may avoid a fine if the use of a hosepipe is unavoidable for “human or animal health and safety purposes”. If a hosepipe is connected to a water butt or a recycled water storage system it may still be possible to use it. Some other water companies have said they have been considering similar bans. These include Thames Water, South West Water and Welsh Water.

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