Reasons to fix your boiler in the summer

There are many great reasons for having your boiler maintained and repaired in the summer. Even though you won’t be using your boiler as much during the warmer months of the year, this is still a great time to consider having it serviced, repaired or even upgraded. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in boiler repair services in the summertime right now.

  1. Reduce your bills

Older boilers are less energy-efficient than modern ones. This means they can be much more expensive to run in the winter. If you’re worried about sky-high fuel bills during the winter months, it’s wise to act as soon as possible.

  • You won’t need to use it whilst it’s being repaired

Chances are that going with access to your boiler for a few hours won’t have any major impact on your day. This is because it’s unlikely that you’ll need your heating on. You’ll be able to remain warm and comfortable whilst the work is carried out.

  • Avoid winter boiler breakdowns

The winter is widely agreed to be the worst time for a boiler to break down. Boilers need to work harder during the winter as they need to provide heating as well as hot water. A winter boiler breakdown is likely to be much more disruptive to your domestic life.

  • Book a heating engineer with ease

Heating engineers and plumbers tend to be incredibly busy in the winter months. This is why it makes so much sense to book an appointment before the cold snap hits. Finding a heating expert can be much harder during the coldest months of the year, whilst it’s relatively easy to secure an appointment in the summer.

  • Find the right engineer for the task

As there is less demand for heating engineer services in the summer, you can enlist the services of one of the best and most experienced ones in your area. They will have more time to provide you with advice and guidance on maintaining and replacing your boiler too.

  • Gain valuable peace of mind

You won’t have to spend as much time worrying about your boiler breaking down in the winter if you’re already had it maintained or replaced. Boiler breakdowns can be a big cause of stress, so take steps to minimise the chances of them occurring.

How Ability can help

At Ability, we are ready to hear from you if you do require first-class plumbing and heating services in the UK. We have vast experience in this area and always aim to beat rather than simply meet your expectations. To reach us today, send a message through our website or give us a call on 01892 514495. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Don’t go without the comfort and warmth that you need – schedule an appointment today to ensure your boiler serves you well throughout the coming autumn and winter months.


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