How electricians can stay comfortable this summer

Electrical work can be incredibly demanding, so it’s understandable that some electricians struggle to remain comfortable in hot weather. However, there are steps that you can take if you are carrying out electrical duties during higher temperatures. Read on to find out more about how electricians can stay comfortable this summer and avoid putting their health at risk.

Wear suitable clothing

More and more electricians are carrying out tasks in body cooling clothing. This is clothing that has been specially designed for periods when temperatures are high. Body cooling has two layers of polyester alongside a polymer called hydrogel. When the hydrogel comes into contact with water, it is transformed into an evaporating gel. This gel can keep you cool, reducing your temperature by up to ten degrees Celsius. Body cooling clothing can come in various forms, and these include shirts, trousers, vests and more. A hat can protect your head and face from the sun, whilst light coloured clothes will stop heat from absorbing into your body as much. Always wear sun cream whenever you need it to prevent sunburn, which can put you at risk of illness and make it extremely hard to work.

Use an ice cool fan

Placing ice in front of a fan can be highly effective in keeping you cool. Fill at least two cups with ice to generate the cool air that you need. You can also breathe into cups of ice to access a refreshing breeze of cold air when temperatures rise.

Take breaks when you need them

It’s always important to take breaks, but it’s particularly essential to take some time out during warmer weather. Carrying out arduous duties is going to make you hot, so you will need to take breaks to cool yourself down. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will help you prevent heat-related illnesses and heat stress. If you don’t seem to be going to the toilet as much as you might expect, you may be at risk of dehydration. This means it’s important to drink more water than you normally would once the weather heats up.

Eat spicy food

This may be an unexpected tip, but spicy food can cause sweating and evaporation, which will cool you down. More electricians than you might expect use spicy food to win the battle against overheating during the summer months.

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