Current trends in plumbing and heating

Are you eager to find out more about the latest trends in plumbing and heating?  If so, you’re in the right place. Find out more about what’s recently been occurring in the world of plumbing and heating right here.

Construction sector growth

The construction sector has seen a great deal of growth recently, according to the Purchasing Managers’ Index. The housebuilding industry has remained buoyant throughout 2022, after the government set out targets to see 300,000 homes built each year. Relaxed pandemic restrictions have played a big part in this recent increase in activity. Some of the problems faced by the plumbing and heating sector recently have included supply chain issues and high material costs. Rising energy prices have had a predictably strong impact on the sales and costs of some products.

Green technology

There has also been increased interested in green technology as more and more people seek to reduce their carbon footprint. A growing number of people have been replacing old plumbing and heating solutions with green equivalents that consume less energy and enable them to keep their energy bills under control against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis. Solutions that are proving to be increasingly popular include low carbon heat pumps. British Gas is aiming to install 20,000 low-carbon heating systems every year by 2025.

Skills shortage challenges

There have been growing concerns about skills shortages within the plumbing and heating sector recently. Once the pandemic got underway, many professionals left the industry and never returned. It’s said that the number of people entering the plumbing and heating sector has fallen by over 4% over the past 16 years. Efforts are now being made to encourage more younger people to enter the industry. There is also a growing demand for additional training for those already based in the sector now technologies like smart appliances and heat pumps are becoming more popular.

Anti-virus solutions

There is also a growing requirement for anti-virus technologies such as touchless plumbing fixtures. The pandemic has left people much more vigilant for viruses, with growing numbers of home and business owners looking for solutions to protection people from infection. The cost of living crisis has caused more people to consider investing in solutions that might bring their fuel bills down such as IR radiators, smart meters, heat pumps and solar heating systems.

Who can help me reduce my fuel bills in the south east?

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