How to make the most of small bathrooms

Even if you have a modestly sized bathroom, there are still steps you can take to make it comfortable and make it feel bigger. The smaller your space, the more carefully you have to think about each element of the design. Many people with smaller bathrooms select design components that make their space look bigger and allow them to do more with their space. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of a smaller bathroom, read on.

Opt for a corner sink

Corner sinks can make bathrooms feel less cramped and awkward. They can free up a great deal of space to help you move around your bathroom more easily. If you have a particularly small bathroom, you may wish to opt for a skinny trough sink that maximises your floor space.

Redirect your door

If your door swings into your room, it will take up floor space. A great way to create more space is to redirect the door so it swings outwards instead. You may also be able to install a pocket door that will slide in and out of your wall.

Change your shower door for a panel

Choosing a glass shower panel over a swinging door can also help you to maximise space. A panel will give you total visibility throughout your room and make it feel bigger. However, it won’t take up floor space.

Install a bigger mirror

Mirrors that extend across your wall rather than just over your sink will ensure more light is transmitted around your room. This will enhance visibility and make the room look larger.

Choose versatile components

Components that serve multiple purposes can also make your bathroom feel bigger and save space. Cabinets can have mirrors built into them whilst providing you with valuable storage.

Make the most of the space above your toilet

The space about your toilet doesn’t need to be bare. By installing shelves or a cabinet in this space, you can ensure your storage needs are met. Open shelves that house various items can also stop your bathroom from looking bare.

Use towel hooks rather than bars

Towel bars can take up a great deal of space, which is why so many people install hooks instead. You don’t require much room for your towels when you opt for hooks.

Choose your colours wisely

Light, neutral colours tend to be suitable for those who need to make their bathrooms look bigger. Deep, moody shades can make some small rooms seem claustrophobic.

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