Which plumbing checks should I make before I buy a new home?

Plumbing checks new home – If you’re in the process of buying a new home, there are several checks that you should make before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line. If you fail to make these checks, you could be faced with problems including water damage and leaky pipes after you move in. Let’s take a look at some of the most important plumbing checks you need to make before you move into a new property right now.

Run the taps

Make sure each tap in the property you’re moving into or potentially moving into is operating properly. If water is released intermittently or isn’t flowing properly, there could be a blockage. If the water is running at particularly high pressure, there’s a chance that the pipes could be damaged. The property may have contaminated water or pipe damage if it is rusty.

Talk to the previous owners

Ask the previous or current owners if they have had any problems with their plumbing or the quality of their water. Find out if any repairs or other plumbing work was carried out while they were living in the property. Try to find out as much about the condition of the pipes as you can so you can get an idea of what work might be required in the future. It’s important to get a professional inspection carried out if you suspect you need to do so as the previous owners could be withholding important information from you.

Check for leaks

Plumbing checks new home – Before you move into the property, check the property carefully for evidence of water damage. Signs of water damage can include strange stains around the walls and ceilings or mould around the toilet. If there is water around the sink, you could be faced with leaky pipes.

See how hot your water is

If you can’t get access to hot water from the taps and showers, you may need to check the water heater for damage. Replacing a hot water heater can be very costly. Try to find out when the water heater was installed so you know when you’ll need to replace it. Water heaters normally need to be replaced after around a decade or so.

Check the sewer lines

If you have a problem with sewer lines, your pipes may clog up. This can cause a build-up of sewage and an unpleasant smell. If you suspect the sewer lines are obstructed, a camera inspection may need to be carried out so you can find out whether there is a problem with leaking or corrosion.

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