Reducing your heating costs in the summer

Energy costs have risen dramatically over recent months, so it’s no surprise to see so many people looking for ways to cut their fuel bills during the summer. Although energy bills are inevitably higher, there are steps that you can take to make sizeable savings during the warmer months of the year.

Why you may still need heating access in the summer

The weather isn’t always great during the summer months, so it’s still important to have access to efficient on-demand heating even in June, July and August. Smart heating systems have helped millions of people to make home heating savings, and you can use them to create schedules that ensure you have access to heating when you need it during the summer months. This might include early in the morning and late at night.

Electric heating can also be very useful during the summer months. This is because it enables you to warm up just one room or area as opposed to a whole property so you can avoid wasting heat. Panel heaters are ideal for small spaces including conservatories as well as offices.

Can I switch off my heating completely?

When temperatures are high for long periods of time, you might wonder if it’s a good idea to turn your heating off completely. It is possible to turn off an electric heater for a long time without its performance being affected when you start using it again. However, your gas system will need longer before it returns to peak performance. If you start using an electric heater rather than a central heating system which you may need to leave running constantly, savings can be made.

If you don’t want to turn off your central heating system completely, you could use the economy settings for your radiators. It can be effective to set the limit to 13 degrees so your heating turns on when the temperature falls to this level.

Summer heating appliance servicing

It’s also a good idea to have your radiators and heaters serviced when you are not using them in the summer months. This will help you source optimal performance from them when you really need them during the winter. Removing dust from your radiators can help them become more effective and energy-efficient. You can use compressed air to remove dust from your radiators. We also advise you to check the condition of your power cable for safety reasons. If your power cable isn’t in great condition, you could be putting yourself, your children and your pets at risk.

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