What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is all about taking responsibility and making up for carbon emissions that you can’t avoid. Although many businesses are taking steps to offset their carbon emissions, there are many things that individuals can do to make a better contribution to the world around them too.

How much carbon does a typical household emit each year?

According to statistics, the typical UK household emits approximately four tonnes of CO₂ every year. Although some emissions are unavoidable, there are still many things you can do to ensure you’re emitting less carbon dioxide than you otherwise would. Major behavioural changes are needed to tackle climate change, and this means both individuals and businesses need to take action.

What can I do to offset my carbon emissions?

Steps that you can take to offset some of your emissions include living car-free. This isn’t practical for many of us, which is why so many people are being urged to switch to electric cars. When you use a battery electric car, you can reduce your carbon emissions by around 1.95 tonnes each year. Another way you can cut your emissions is to invest in quality insulation for your home. It’s said that you could save around 0.895 tonnes of CO2 equivalent by doing this if you haven’t already. Cutting your use of plastic, going vegan, and recycling as much as possible may also help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Will a new boiler help me reduce my emissions?

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to install a brand new energy-efficient boiler. Today’s modern boilers can convert around 90% of the fuel that they use into heat. This means waste is greatly reduced and excess fuel consumption can be cut dramatically. When you purchase a new energy-efficient boiler, you can make a better contribution to the environment without compromising on comfort or convenience. According to research, a new boiler can stop you from releasing up to 1.92 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

Smart meters and fuel consumption

Many people opt to install smart meters at the same time as boilers. A smart meter will give you a greater insight into how much energy you are using and what you’re using it for. This can prompt you to switch off devices and appliances that you’re not using or can cope without, saving you money and stopping you from using energy that you don’t require. When people can see just how much they’re spending on electricity and gas every day, this often prompts them to reduce their energy waste. This is great for the planet and your bank balance.

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