Find a water leak inside a wall

If you have a water leak that you think could be coming from inside one of your walls, read on. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find out whether this is the case and what you can do to put it right away. Read on to find out more about finding a water leak inside a wall. 

The dangers of water leaks

Water leaks can be very dangerous. If you don’t take steps to resolve these issues quickly, damage to your property can occur. You may also become physically ill due to the way that moisture enables mould to grow. Sadly, many people don’t detect water leaks until considerable damage has already occurred. 

Here’s how to find out whether you do have a water leak inside a wall. 

You could have a water leak inside a wall if you can see discoloured areas on your wall. You might also see mould in unexpected areas such as parts of your home that aren’t your bathroom. You may also have a leak if your wall has wet areas or if your paint or wallpaper have started to peel away. Your floor, ceiling or drywall may have become warped, and you might have encountered a musty smell or unexpected pools of water that aren’t emerging from appliances. Your water bill could be higher than normal, and you may have also heard dripping sounds from behind your wall. 

A good first step to take is to turn off all the devices that use water in your home and make a note of the number on your water meter. Wait for a minimum of three hours then see if the number has changed. It’s essential that you don’t use any water during this period. If there has been a change, it’s likely that you do have a leak. 

Are your gutters clear? 

Before you contact a plumber, make sure your gutters aren’t clogged with leaves as this could have allowed water to enter your home. If the gutters are clear and you have completed the water meter test, it’s time to call the professionals. A professional plumber can check for a leak in your walls. You could also use a moisture meter to identify where the leak is coming from or use an infrared camera, but these are two steps a plumber will normally take anyway before they start putting things right. Cutting into your drywall is another option, but it is invasive and can cost a substantial sum to put right afterwards. 

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